Games You Played Today Classic Mini


The newest patch to Deadfire adds a subclass to rogue that focuses on a charm spell. It has been… awkward and funny. Caveat downloador, it only affects kith (edit) in combat (/edit).

Newest Deadfire Beta Patch Updates


I downloaded onrush I have been interested but I wanted to play it on the PC

but if it’s free for PS4 why not


I…don’t think the PC version is coming. Not at this point.

At least they squeezed in a few more tracks.

PUBG PS4 comes out tonight and boy howdy the whole, uh, vibe around that game couldn’t be more different than when the Xbox version was announced.

I really oughta mess with Blackout more.


carmageddon max damage isn’t what you would a good game, but it’s decent enough fun. also despite being released in 2016, it has the exact same setting, aesthetic and general tone as a late 90s pc game (but with more polygons and stuff)


Smashed some Bros. It’s that game, so I dunno. Y’all know what to expect.

What I didn’t expect - the game to give me a hot jpeg of Gen right upon booting it up. Thanks, Smash Bros.


I got some kind of Mii character or something when i started it up. It really bums me out that you collect these 1700+ stickers/spirits of obscure game characters and they don’t even give you any trivia to read about them, or even what damn game they’re from.


That being said in the Adventure Mode you do get things like this which are cute:


I got wrecked fast on that Ness’s Father fight




I got Octoman from F-Zero on my first boot

0/10 game, why did you have to remind me F-Zero is dead Nintendo


What a time to be alive.

Also diggin’ my Panel de Pon me Mii fighter.


He gets.
The job.


Yeah would have been nice to know who the hell the character I got on boot was, some weird demon dude called Thanatos


swift hog



Normally I’m a subs over dubs kinda guy, but Katamari Damacy Reroll keeping the original Japanese dialogue is throwing me for a loop.

Just can’t get that line read of “I feel the cosmos” out of my head.

Anyway, it’s still good! You can’t move the King’s head around anymore during the load screens and I’m pretty sure they’ve changed some items up (I don’t remember little Santa figurines on the first level in the original), but it’s Katamari, in 2018.


played some onrush with my plus subscription this month and can confidently say I like wreckfest a hell of a lot better

I believe pretty strongly in having interesting mechanical interactions follow directly from the player trying to focus on the goals directly in front of them – this is usually made a lot more literal in board games with overcomplicated methods of scoring – and onrush really falls down in that respect.


What’s the name of the game I can find this beautiful creature in


yeah i was gonna say, it really doesn’t seem clear to me how i’m supposed to contribute to the team outside of boosting all the time. and going off of jumps and hitting grey cars to continue boosting isn’t super interesting even with other players

the most interesting mode is the one where you have to stay in the zone because it at least borrows from the typical racing parlance


It’s Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden