Games You Played Today: Actress Again: Current Code (Part 1)

grinding in ff2 is really satisfying, especially without the risk of losing stats. It feels free


Made it to 8-1 in SMB. I haven’t screamed and laughed while dying like this in quite a while. This game is excellent at generating skin of your teeth moments in the later levels. They either got very lucky or properly tuned the distances of obstacles and max speed jumps.


SMB1’s balancing is funny in that worlds 2-7 are more or less the same difficulty level and suddenly world 8 is much harder. I remember as a kid, I routinely made it to world 8 (warp zones help obviously), but never beat the game until I returned to it as an adult.

Zelda 1 and 2 have a vicious spike in the final palace too, so I guess that was the Nintendo design philosophy in those days.


8-1 is kind of a slog too compared to previous levels. It’s gotta be the longest by far up to that point, right? And then 8-2 seems quick in comparison.


I think they balanced it expecting people to know about the first few warp zones at least, it even sort of invites you to take the underground warp zone in 4-2.

But this is also why VS is my favorite version, it changes some of the original levels and replaces a few others with ones from 2j


The games I’ve been playing lately are too flashy, too triple-A and pretty. Makes me want to play something rougher, kind of strange. Something… CLAY. I’m trolling through my steam list and I may have found it:

May report back with my findings.


Continuing to play too much Football Manager, I should update that thread sometime. I’m currently trying to win the league in each of the top 5 European leagues, I’ve done Italy with Torino, Spain with Real Madrid, and Germany with Dortmund. I’ve managed to win the Champion’s League while at Torino and the Europa League with Dortmund. Just France and England to go.

Also grabbed the Tony Hawk remake. It’s uh, real damn good, even though I suck at it.

My wife is replaying Oxenfree, which she must like, although the Katamari remake remains her favorite recent game release. After chatting about games this week, she’s also downloaded Baba is You; she hasn’t loaded it up yet.


I have just found out about, played, and am delighted by the existence of Space Fantasy Zone for Arduboy.

Okay all your jokes got to me I played Snood. What’s wrong with you people this isn’t even a joke this is disgusting.


:snood: is no joke, it is Selectbutton’s favorite game


I’m in a desperate sprint to finish the “Horrific Visions” content in retail WoW before the Shadowlands prepatch hits next month, but the timing of the vision rotations is such that I can’t make any progress on new masks until Tuesday, so. I used that as an excuse to try Paradise Killer on Steam, mostly because I read a comment from some impassioned player exhorting people to play it as a completely undirected detective game, sort of an “Outer Wilds” for murder mysteries.

Almost immediately upon starting up, the game presents its vaporwave/cosmic horror/virtual class war cosmology in text whose composition inspires no confidence. The protagonist (“Lady Love Dies”) could not finish her opening statements before I turned the game off in dismay at the dialog.

I decided to just try to power through my distaste, and I’m glad I’m doing so, because the game IS exciting me with its possibilities after only a few additional minutes of play. It really feels like they’re trying to invoke a similar feeling to Transistor mixed with Hypnospace Outlaw, but there’s just a little too much cliche, just not quite enough imagination to pull it off. Still, the investigational options here are promising.


I’m actually enjoying Paradise killer a lot! The worst parts of the writing are at least better than the worst parts of Danganronpa and Zero escape (Danganronpa 2 being the closest equivalent to this game)

The game’s structure is peculiar as it’s like one giant Phoenix Wright/ Danganronpa case with 95% of the game being exploration / talking and the end being the trial.

It’s a tad difficulty as you have to remember the murder mystery elements AND learn how the deeply weird setting works, and the game never challenges you to make sure you’re keeping track until the very end which only comes after… 10 hours? Probably?

The megajank first person 3D exploration / collectible searching with no conflict is super fun IMO and where the vaporware aesthetic shines the most. I love jankily jumping on roofs in an empty world to find items that make the world slightly more understandable and additional music tracks for the in-game playlist

One part of the world that unsettles me a lot is that all the characters are like… semi-immortal demi-gods who are regularly abducting, enslaving and slaughtering humans from the real world (as in Earth) to resurrect dead gods and when confronted on that point they basically go « eeeh you know. We do what we gotta do. Gotta resurrect them dead gods »

It’s tempting to fight against it in-game but could that make me a hypocrite? That’s a better justification than the one we have for justifying the meat and diary industries I still support, and that we similarly impose on lower intelligence lifeforms. dang I hate being confronted about this

This casual dismissal of human life is a small part of the game but it sort of permeates everything for me, I love/hate it


Also in this game you unlock a double-jump by getting a nice footbath


Hoping to dive into this over the weekend. I love the character art and general aesthetic I’ve seen from it so far.

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Finally beat SMB! I recommend the save-states at beginning of levels only.

8-1 was an endurance run, hundreds of enemies lining a marathon of pits and climaxing in a horrible gappy staircase to the flagpole (this becomes a running theme in world 8).

8-2 is a madcap combination of bullets and Lakitu. The only level I could find a prominently placed 1-up presumably to reward players who had come this far with theoretically infinite retries. Has an absolutely gnarly jump midway.

8-3 an educational course on Hammer Bros. theory and practice. You will learn that Hammer Bros. aren’t really that scary but require patience and slow spacing. Again the course ends in a nervegrater.

8-4 the real SMB starts here. Every conceivable skill and setpiece (minus Lakitu and bullets) is tested here. I love how abruptly the Bowser fight shows up to trigger you to rush in and die. Every facet of this level is designed to punish the impatient. Most cruel of all, the world starts you on a descending staircase in front of a wide lava pit which will kill the frustrated player holding sprint fresh from a death. I specifically worked on getting through the level without a scratch to maintain a power-up I acquired in 8-3. I shamelessly take 9 hammers to the face and win.



I used to be able to run through all of SMB, non-warp, in about 20 minutes or under on original hardware. Doubt I could do that now. It’s a sublime game though. I really like how at a full speed run you can just barely clear the piranha plants in world 4-1. Like the Mario sprite just slightly overlaps a little with the piranha plant’s but it doesn’t count as a hit. Exhilarating to do that.

I’ve been trying to get into SMB2j lately since it is basically a continuation from 8-4. It’s really tough and I don’t make it very far when I play but if I’m willing to stick to it I know eventually I can see the end of it. Maybe.


so you are saying this game is best played with a physical notepad at hand, taking notes and putting together connections? that sounds amazing! :two_hearts:


World 8 was my waterloo as a kid and it’s one of my favorite sets of levels ever now. 8-1 is i think the longest level in the game set against one of the shortest timers, it expects you to fuckin beat feet start to finish and is really fun when played that way. The second half of SMB2J is built on the back of 8-1, you are practically demanded to speedrun in order to finish that game


I like this too, but I also really like how 4-1 in the VS version is different enough to mess with your muscle memory the first time you play it. Up to that point you’d probably only notice a few differences if you took the most efficient path


Played Gorf last night. What a weird, lovable game. I was a little buzzed, but it struck me as surprisingly cinematic lol. I love the laser and how you can hold the shoot to continue committing to it

Going to reinstall Ikaruga. I was reading the game resources page for Umihara Kawase on TASVideos and it likened it to Ikaruga as a game that’s difficult to play but easy to finish, and that reminded me of the discussion about it recently in one of the top 64 threads.