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I started the year intending to make one thing a month.

In total, I made two things., a bitsy about late-night masturbation


[](A Squashy Game), a game jam creation built so I could learn PICO-8

All in all, a terrible year.


Wait why did the link markdown not work


Good question. If you use the composer shortcut to add a link how does it get encoded?


Looks like you got the formatting reversed, this is how it should be:

[A Squashy Game](

The link goes in the parantheses and the text goes in the brackets.

A Squashy Game


I constantly have to remind myself how markdown link syntax works


I spent a good five minutes figuring it out just now myself lol.

I’m still used to just using bbcode or html tags but apparently that doesn’t work on discourse? Selecting the text you want linked and then hitting the button or ctrl+k seems like the only way to do it now. Aside from just remembering the syntax.

Hache your Pico-8 demo was neat I hope you keep messing around and are able to make something even neater next year.


Should I edit the original post to fix it? Seems like that might make the thread make less sense.


Eh I think it’s fine.


Thanks! I struggle with PICO-8 because it’s so poorly documented, but I do love its whole aesthetic.

The other day I did a tutorial that just ended without providing some key parts to actually finish the project.


Posting to remind myself to check this out once I’m at the PC again


I would really love to try something similar to your initial resolution. I’ve never actually heard of bitsy and I’ve had pico-8 in the back of my mind for the past month. I personally have no experience in designing games, but I had an old thought grab me. It’s the one that says I’m consuming too much and producing too little creative work.


Bitsy is a super-basic game-making tool that is honestly a really good place to start, and very well documented.

You won’t be able to make anything really fancy of mechanically crunchy without diving into extensions and modifications, but if you’ve never made anything before, it’s a perfect starting point.


I was looking forward to having to choose from the materials I collected during the game at the end.


I wish bitsy let me do stuff like that.

Maybe one day I’ll remake Minuit in a more robust engine.