Game of Streams (or is it the other way around...)


I’d totally overlooked setting OBS as high priority, I knew something was missing when no matter the quality it kept dropping mega frames. Hell yes though, now mostly silk at 1080/60. Just need to see about the buffering and quality live.


I’m going to stream Gundam Breaker 3 tomorrow at 8PM EST at so tune in if you want to see a grown man have his heart broken by what will surely be a seriously underwhelming licensed video game.


hmmm, care to elaborate? i’ve never heard of this

#68 - Dark Souls III - The First Noobness Run.


I’d been tailoring all over trying to isolate what caused a periodical stutter every 8-10 seconds, from super low output/encode/bitrate etc. to super high. Since it happened the same way each time (no slowdown in realtime playing, just stutter in the stream) it came down to hardware and OS, sure enough once I thought to check out CPU usage in task manager, noticed process priority settings and changed OBS to high. Immediately resolved the choke. This thread pretty much covers it.


very cool! i will try this out, as i’ve had those exact symptoms many times.

i actually recently watched a youtube video which was causing me to lean in a different direction as to why this is happening, though obviously both can be true (or false, for that matter… sounds like it was definitively a problem for you, though)

e: just noticed he mentions turning affinity to high in passing in this video, actually


Gundam Breakre doesn’t let me stream from PS4 so I’m doing it live!!! With a webcam! It might be unwatchable!! Please log on anyway!

#72 - Dark Souls III - Hoarder’s Run


Probably wrapping up AM2R in the next hour.

#74 - Continuation: Dark Souls III - Hoarder’s Run (Guide Following)

#75 - Continuation: Dark Souls III - Hoarder’s Run (Guide Following)

#76 - Continuation: Dark Souls III - Hoarder’s Run (Guide Following)


About an hour and a half into Leon A


Dark Souls Remaster - Back to Basics [Anor Londo]:


why am I doing this

gotta play that Cactus+ while drunk until I die

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Diablo Might Weep 5: 2nd play Son of Sparda times


Started Dante Must Die mode, watch me rock then possibly get boss stomped.


OG PC RE 2, later stretch of Leon S. Kennedy A GAME

in like 15 minutes


Sekiro: Shadows Die Often Stream

At least I hope I get my ass kicked often enough to make the title of the stream worth it’s salt.


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