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Upcoming Alice and You game is now listed on Steam


i did it

alien field 3671 is pretty good

space mouse 2 is incredible


I can’t quite reach 100% in Alice and You. I’ve only had the game for a day, but it still seems like something I should have been able to do by now.

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yeah same but it’s one of those games where I just stop paying attention after a while. It’s definitely a solved game if you just sit there and thing about every proper sequence of moves

Mindware will truly have made it when first year CS students will have to write solvers for this game instead of sudoku solvers


Okay, I finally got 100% (on a “small planet”).


the new pac man looks like a future dots game?!



I’m enough of a mark that I’m gonna end up buying one of these fucking skins

Maybe Valkyrie


i’d be playing this if my switch WASN’T BRICKED FROM AN UPDATE :doomdie:


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Pretty fun so far although I’m still trying to grasp the mechanics.

Looks like collecting fruit resets all the dots on the map, similar to CE. What’s interesting, though, is that if you collect all the dots before you pick up the fruit you gain permanent(?) speed.

I’m not quite sure what the “strategies” do yet. I think they activate when you pick up a power pellet because they light up when you do it. You do seem to get faster after every pellet when you’re on speed, but I have no idea what the others do. I also wonder why you would ever pick “standard” if the rest give some benefit?

The targeting is pretty self-explanatory except for “hunter” – guessing maybe that’s the person with the most badges?

Sometimes picking up fruit makes your speed go up – not sure why?

While on the “stronger” strategy, picking up a power pellet while you have speed reduces it by one.

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OK – I think all the strategies have downsides, which is why “standard” exists.

I suspect you send less trash in “speed” and “train”, and you likely send more in “stronger”.

“Stronger” seems to have much shorter pellet timers (in addition to eating your speed level).

I think “train” may increase the amount of ghosts that get put in the train, but you’d want to switch to a different strategy before you eat them.

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I was watching Amemiya (the #1 JP Tetris 99 player) playing this last night, and it seems (at least in the current meta) that none of the boosts are significant enough to be worth using over speed

Don’t buy the Valkyrie skin, it’s not nearly as readable as the OG

Made the mistake of playing “one game” at bed time and didn’t quit for hours :frowning: I also still haven’t won one. I’ve gotten 2nd and 3rd a bunch though. Why don’t they include documentation for these games? Why are we all guessing what this shit does!! I couldn’t figure out why I was losing speed at all.

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It’s about recreating the true arcade experience at home, just you wait for Druaga 99


Ok maybe the key to winning was getting some sleep and sobering up and just switching back to Standard once I hit top 20.

Game fucking rocks.


I think this is wrong for a pretty simple reason – the opportunity cost of not having speed for one pellet is pretty low, and the if you get overwhelmed by attacks speed will get slowed and lose.

I think speed is a very good default mode, especially at the start of the game, but as the game progresses the person that times the other modes with when they’re going to attack is going to win. It doesn’t cost much to switch to another mode to eat a train, and then switch back to speed for the next pellet.

I think staying in speed is an easier strategy, but I think it will lose to someone who switches intelligently.

Of course the Japanese website actually has fuckin instructions on it