Final Fantasy XIV


this would be better if a queue popping mid-craft didn’t mean you have to frantically finish or abandon it and lose the ingredients and change to your DPS class before the little timer runs out

i mean it’s usually not a huge deal but sometimes you’re making something important, with ingredients you don’t wanna have to track down again


Healbitch’s bitch. U gotta DPS or u impotent, bro

… I hate myself


This NPC is a weirdo.

Apparently, I’m at the part of the main story quest where I have to party, so I think I might try playing Rogue for a while instead. I want to try out Machinist, but I’m a bit away from that.


the story mode dungeons are easy enough to do in your sleep tbh


i’m still playing but i think i’m the only SBer on faerie lol


I am playijg this again. I am on Primal


This always puzzled me. There are never enough tanks and healers because both jobs are stressful and they’re the first players who get blamed when stuff goes wrong in pubs.

You think one of these mmos would have solved this problem instead of just shrugging it off and going, “oh well, here have a big roulette bonus.”

I played a tank not knowing what it was at first because I liked the armors. I still played one after I understood the role because I liked instant queues, and also the armors, but the semi-stress of it and boredom of the role is also why I stopped.

Meanwhile, every expansion adds more new DPS classes cause that’s what’s popular but I’m like :thinking:


A general rule of online games is that you can’t make more people want to play support classes. If you add more types of tanks, you do not get more tanks, you get the existing tank players to diversify more. Same for healers. There’s a core ~70% of the player base that will never want that responsibility and just want to do Cool Stuff.

See also the running gag of how certain kinds of DPS can’t seem to stay upright, no matter the content. Similarly, there’s a large subset of the playerbase that simply will not understand what they are supposed to be doing unless their roles are clearly delineated by the game, and any classes with sufficient responsibility to the team are going to be avoided by the vast majority.

So if you’re a big AAA game developer, you see this, and you attempt to justify spending resources on the ~30% of your player base as opposed to the 70%, and end up coming up with a long sequence of compromises just to get the funding to do anything at all.

It’s not an easy/clear-cut problem, especially since it’s only multiplayer in the vaguest, most pandering sense to begin with.


is there like a players guide to this with nice integration of looking stuff up like wow had with alakazam? I have a lot of questions getting back into this after a year and a half I think - there’s a lot I forgot I should be doing

per the thread, how often should I be picking up additional classes or should I be going for that Crispy Dark Knight / Dragoon build I’ve always wanted in my Final Fantasy Spirit


I mean, the obvious solution is to end the holy trinity.

Players seem to hate any alternate system, though.


One advantage of the Holy Trinity is it’s a relatively easy way to reach a minimal baseline of “acceptable group play” for new players. “Your job is to take hits, your job is to hit things, and your job is to keep the former two groups alive.” Pretty easy to explain well enough to shuttle people into the next piece of Content.


With the latest expansion, most of the remaining “cross-class” weirdness that came from the abandoned FFXIV 1.0 design has been removed or minimized, so now there’s no requirement to level any Job other than the one you really want to play right now to get the abilities you need – or to unlock the Job, for that matter. Dark Knight, Astrologian, and Mechanist aren’t available until you’ve made it to the start of the Heavensward story content, so if DRK is what you want to play, get cozy with Dragoon for a couple months of sensible play speed first.


It’s important to remember that games are aesthetics first, mechanics second.

So it’s more important for people to feel like they are Doing A Thing like the game said they would, and that the game gives feedback appropriate to the thing they are supposed to be doing, than it is for it to be an interesting thing.

City of Heroes had this problem. I loved that game, non-trinity, strong crowd-control and debuff/buff skills. Healing set was easily one of the weakest power sets in the entire game; it was also, by far, the most popular. And many of the strongest debuff skills were considered weak by the average player, because the feedback required some digging to understand.

People wanted to play heal-mash healers. Games cater to that audience. Shrug.

I’ve accepted over the years that games that play the way I enjoy most are either doomed to obscurity, or run as side content to a larger, more popular, easily digestible game.


I Accidentally Made My Character Too Tall And Now Lonely Men With Giantess Fetishes Are Offering To Buy Me Game Time, AMA


that’s actually more awesome than anything that I ever experienced in this game

I do want to get back to it though. Again. For the hundredth time.


I just shored up on my original character, Turinea who is a 7ft tall Roegadyn red-skinned warrior woman (and erstwhile Red Sonja parody, But Literally This TIme) who is currently a level 30 Dragoon

I wish it were easier to take screenshots in this game.


oh nice i’m a hellsguard dragoon lady too

try /gpose for screenshots




Woah, lucky. I used the stylist to make my character look like Victoria from Life is Strange and nobody says anything to me.


sounds like a tall tale tbh