Final Fantasy XIV


there are lulls (the azim steppe stuff was very boring), and if you’re not interested in a dead-eyed bishounen emperor-prince in weird amano/giger armor imposing bizarre and vicious tyranny on all people as the primary impetus for revolution then… ymmv. the music takes it a long way. i’m a big sap and i cried toward the end of it all.

yeah, i noticed a weird lack of players in some areas. i think that has something to do with the new instancing, or maybe even more of that going on than it seems, or something, because as i got further along in the story i saw more and more and more players. kind of weird, but the effect was cool.


this sounds like all i’ve ever wanted out of final fantasy


yeah! that was more for botagel

i fucking loved it

i love this game


astro was my first to 70 and i love healing

but i gotta bard

and chill w/ these glams


I do like his weirdo mask and golf bag of sword’s, but the actual character is completely uninteresting.

Apparently the last boss of the current tier of raids is literally Exdeath, so I guess they’ve decided to go REALLY obvious on the fanwank now. Not complaining, just observing.


If I want to play this game do I need to spend $10 for the base game and $60 for the expansion, or can I just do the base game?


It’s not worth buying the expansions until you’re level 50 and have finished the (very long) base game’s Main Story Quests. None of their content is accessible (including new Jobs) until at least that point.

Fair warning: the base game’s story quests tend to be very drawn out, and TBH the writing doesn’t really find the tone they want until after the first “grand finale.” It’s like a bad-to-OK first season of a TV show that doesn’t take off for a season or two, except it’s an MMO you have to play.


Hey whats the deal with playerhouses in this.


yo if you’re registering to check it out, go here and enter this code:


i can get more codes! you get some bonus items to help with leveling. you can play for free up to level 35 with some restrictions and get a feel for whether or not you like it. bear in mind it gets so much better toward the endgame and with heavensward, though if you start out approaching it as a final fantasy hangout thing you might feel it sooner.

my character is on lamia, though i’d consider transferring back to ultros or some other world.

GRIMglams idk much about housing other than you can buy a piece of land and decorate and stuff, animal crossing style kinda. i’m way too focused on other things to get into that but it seems like a lot of folks enjoy it!


can npcs move in to your housing?


yup! various vendors, menders, retainers, etc


considering a previous raid was Literally Final Fantasy 3(J) in every respect, subtlety has never really been a thing in this game

I listened to the music to the Exdeath raid and it’s cool but where’d the bass go, yo



What server do SB people play on? I’m getting the itch to play an MMO and want to try this out. I bought vanilla and the first expansion cheap a while ago and want to try it out on steam instead of my PS4.


Is it not good on PS4? There’s crissplay right?


It was fine on PS4, I just feel more comfortable playing MMOs on my PC. And yes, there is cross play.


i see someone took my code (thanks!) so here’s another: MAN92JSR


SB people are sadly all over the place. That was always the case and it always sucked. :frowning: Here’s a list from years ago that’s certainly not up to date anymore. My two entries for sure aren’t!

Maybe we can update it or I don’t know, just post in the thread. But I don’t think I’ll move from my cozy EU server to the US. I like my ping, actually. I think I’m on Moogle. Haven’t played in two months but next month I’ll get back into it to finish the ARR story and start Heavensward.


That was me. Started a THM on Goblin because of the leveling bonus and I like the idea of playing on a server named Goblin.


i’m Late Pearl on Lamia, and i’m maybe sort of tempted to get back into this? we’ll see