Final Fantasy XIV


Oh yeah, I got that in the bank right now, so I can do that tonight.

Also, totally down with Ul’dah. Of the original 3 cities, it’s the one that feels most tank like. Probably gotta figure out how to get access to the residential area though now, lol.


Looks like I gotta get my rank up in the Grand Company first, but that shouldn’t be too hard.


58 msqs to go before I’m done ARR and can get the noctis car. My road to 60 ends in 9 days so I will do these main quests and just level everything else when I can


From my pink phase

From my orange phase

From my white phase

From my red phase

From my emo phase

From my - wait, nvm

From my pirate phase

From my miner phase

I love this game, it makes me feel so pretty

I just resubbed and I wanna get the FFXV stuff as well, yayyyy


hows the fastest way to get some GALD


I seriously need help with the second Noctis quest. So, not the FATE, but the instance after that. Noctis keeps dying at 1/4 boss health and I don’t know what to do. I looked up the mechanics of the fight but I must be missing something… I get the pillars but there was mention of having to stay close to Noct during a certain attack and I can’t figure out which one that’s supposed to be. The one where the arrows point down at both of us? He just keeps running out of bounds on that attack. I tried a dozen times already and don’t know what to do…


yeah any attack indicator with arrows pointing inward means you need to take that attack to help split the damage. there’s a circle one where you need to be inside the circle, and a pillar one where you need to line up

there’s another indicator with arrows pointing outward which means you need to get far away, i forget if that one shows up there

if you get a red triangle (doritos) above your head, you need to stack with the other red triangles

you say you have the pillars down, but just in case i’ll mention that a lot of the time there are two pillars, and all pillars need someone inside them. noctis will arbitrarily run to one, and you need to watch him and run to the other one quickly


Thanks, that helped. I just had to be more perfect about the mechanics you mentioned and I had to do more damage to finish the fight quicker. I had forgotten a bit about warrior in the last months but now it all came back to me. I beat it, yay! Now, the next fight is supposed to be much tougher, we’ll see how it goes. Thanks again!

I read that some of those mechanics first show up in HW, so it was a bit confusing as I haven’t gotten that far yet


yeah the story dungeons and trials are pretty gentle about rolling that stuff out, which is good because nearly every stormblood boss is a constant stream of movement mechanics and wild QTEs lol


I just saw this info on preferred worlds (the ones that give bonus xp). But check the most current list before you transfer, if that’s still what you want, because they update it frequently.

■North American Data Centres
▼Preferred Worlds
○ Adamantoise
○ Famfrit
○ Goblin
○ Hyperion
○ Lamia
○ Malboro
○ Midgardsormr
○ Siren


Looks like my server (malboro) is back to being prefered. Going to level everything as much as possible after ARR msq.


Noooo, that ffxv car is locked behind 200,000 mgp! I have 300…


it’s trivially easy to get 60k every week if you do a little googlin about fashion contest


I have still never been to the Golden Saucer, haha.


Well okay, that’s 120,000 because I only got this and next week before the event ends. Need 80k through other means… I finished the Air Force One GATE with an S rank (4800 pts) and got 3k. I guess it’s doable but it won’t be fun lol


remember to do the lottery too


all y’all playing this now? where were you in 2014?

i love so much about this game, but i can’t imagine playing it again. it took me about 100 hours to realize i did not actually enjoy the game part of the game! it was a bummer of a realization.

the fashion and emotes and art direction though are so precisely my shit that i wonder if this game was a monkeys paw wish i made at some point. i wish i could get back into it.

there’s a fucking /facecamera command to make your character look at the screen when taking screenshots! there is so much love in this thing!


I was playing it for a couple months after 2.0 launched.


I realize right now that leveling my Big Spear Gal up has less to do with how quickly I want it to be over with and more to do with the actual pacing of the storyline for the core game so as soon as I get into heavensward content I’ll probably move her over to Faerie


I’ve got 500 hours in this game on Steam and I’m not even that far haha

I don’t know what I did all this time. Must have been all the alts I created for no reason.

I’ve got 78,000 mgp now. I forgot about all the challenges that give you thousands of mgp each. So, yay! I’ll still keep playing in the Saucer just to be sure, in case I mess up the fashion reports.

Also, I’m sorry but Chocobo racing is hella fun. I know it’s a terrible thing but I love it. It was probably my favorite thing in FF7 to race and breed Chocobos to get the golden one, so I’m going into this as a damaged individual, I realize that.