Final Fantasy XIV


kind of amazed that i’m the only tiny dragongirl among us tbh

super annoyed at how gated the heavensward jobs are rn because i’m basically only interested in playing those. WHM is kind of boring to level besides healing being super fun and weirdly empowering

i let a tank named pinky stinkhole die bc they seemed like they probably liked it

can’t wait to become a DRK and suffer the on-brand punishment i truly deserve


I will probably pick up DRK at some point too.

you will have a lot of fun in learning to yell at DPS players for pulling in too many enemies and getting mad that you can’t magically soak all the damage.


i have a new computer that can run this game like god intended and heavensward is free this week on pc so which server do i need to be on


Faerie is the one a lot of us are on.


Yup, Faerie is now the place


my character name is Turinea Jojuur she’s a giant lady


I just hit 50 on my paladin as my main and I have about 94 msq quests to go before I am done ARR. These bonus exp servers are crazy.


what servers are giving out bonus XP?

i wish there was a way to transfer my characters and not pay 18 bux

also here is a closeup of my lady right now


She looks coooool


I just got to Heavensward, and then stopped progressing my 53 WAR because gun guys and man, playing a DPS sucks for queuing for duties.


Yeah that’s a problem I never had as Warrior and I guess you didn’t too. Duties are almost instant for tanks


they reshuffled the european and north american servers recently, so no servers are currently preferred unfortunately


I still have the buff for the road to 60 so maybe i am just grandfathered in at this point.


yeah, if you got it, it’ll always last at least 90 days iirc


I am kinda jealous of the buff, but also kinda enjoying the levelling process as a whole, so I am OK where I am.


Honestly I’m not sure how helpful it would even be to someone just starting, as with or without the buff your pace through the game will be dictated by the story quests.

It’s got to be great for leveling up alt jobs though


True, I wouldn’t mind it if I could get it so I could level an alt job to 50 for the beginning of Heavensward.


you do get i think double xp when you’re leveling any class that’s lower level than your highest, too, just as a flat rule

also sonford and i woke up at 6am to try to get a house after this maintenance ended and met with delicious success lol


Fuck yeah, glad I could chip in last night to help. Now we gotta figure out how else to blow all my riches. What city is it in?


ul’dah! setting up your private room costs 300k so that might be a start~~