Final Fantasy XIV


if we get to a point where a bunch of us are subbed and actively playing (maybe during/before the upcoming expansion), i would also be more than glad to hop to a server where everyone can play together (and faerie sounds nice, though i must say lamia is pretty friendly, too)


just resubbed and moved to faerie myself!


I subbed and started on malboro to get the xp boost. I will switch over later. I am starting with a gladiator this time.


not a bad plan! just fyi, not sure how long you intend to stay there but characters made on preferred worlds like that can only be transferred after 90 days


Thank you for letting me know, I was not aware of this. I’ll transfer after the 90 days. Just trying to get through the AAR stuff ASAP. I got to about level thirty last time and kind of just want to get through this as fast as possible.


Stormblood is on sale for 50% on steam right now


yooo anybody subbing i got yr invite codes 8)

(i’ll add more as i can generate for a bit)

you’ll get some useful bonuses and goodies! woo


gonna start an alt on faerie and yell until i find y’all


This game is breezy as hell and the double xp is helping me make my way through stuff I half remember from playing a couple of years ago. I also like that even my low level armor looks great instead of the same generic bad lower level gear that has existed in WoW forever.


low level looks are so good in this one o wanma glamour my early lancer plus eyepatch look even now


I actually loved the look of vanilla low level WoW stuff. It was the high level gear that was disgusting brightly colored playdoh crap.

FF14 looks good all the time though, truth.


trying to get setzer’s clothes innit


fashion report this week is very easy (all vendor gear or cheapish on the market) & will net you enough casinobux for the coat at least


i love that this game about fighting big monsters also contains a dress up contest, a full implementation of japanese mahjong complete with ranking and matchmaking, and (of course) triple triad

the amount of free stuff they cram into this is a great argument for recurring subscription revenue


I think at this point I would probably like ffxiv more than wow, but I don’t have to pay for wow and I still like playing with my guild. FFXIV was unbearably slow when I played the beta thing, and the lack of wow’s level of modding and customization would grate on me pretty quickly. everything else seems nice, though. it’s a game that feels pleasant. or at least it looks like it feels pleasant.



find me on Fonne Walkure on Faerie!

i’m dedicating my life to crafting now


i’m allis lofia on there, i started my conjurer alt up but have been kinda busy on my server. will hop on tomorrow tho!


well i made the jump to faerie! if you see me on between like 12-9 pst i’m working and probably mostly idle or just doing solo stuff (catching up on msq, etc), but send me invites or whatever! torn between maining astro and bard as usual…




I haven’t been keeping up but I guess everyone is playing on Faerie? I was considering trying the game out again before the next expansion. I had a dude on Ultros and then a friend said we could play together if I moved to Framfrit so I paid the transfer fee and then we never ended up playing together.