Final Fantasy XIV


yeaaaah the stuff between the original story and heavensward is Dire but things get much better after. they stop doing the “1 quest that advances the story, 3 quests of pointless bullshit” thing at that point. probably helps that they don’t have to fill 50 levels worth of monster fightin with Plot

heavensward has good FF vibes in that it’s completely ridiculous (so many dragons) but also a kind of sad story about isolationist politics & how nationalist myths can compel otherwise decent people to do terrible shit to each other. it could’ve worked as an SNES FF? like it ain’t literature but hits a lot of the same notes as that era of JRPGs


i’m still real early on in arr but i’m finally progressing thru the main story instead of doing every single sidequest lol. i like it so far. the exp bonuses have put me at lvl 21 and i just got the airship pass.

btw i heard there’s a way to visit ppl in other worlds on the same data center soon? for free? might be fun if it’s what i think it is.

also i’ve been seeing viera runnin around? they’re cool


i would be tempted to go viera if i wasn’t so heavily invested in being an enormous spear lady

i bought Stormblood alone on PS4 when it was on sale but that feels silly now i know we’ve got a new expansion on the way?? i probably wanna jump back in at some point but whether i’d do that before SB2 hits is a big question


they haven’t been added yet so prob pple with the gold saucer rabbit ears?

still crafting
i’ll be a builder of the realm someday


ohh gotcha! rabbit ears are cute.

i played this a ton over the long weekend and i’m way deep into a hole. i love the world and my character and i’m understanding a lot more of the mechanics and how me as a character in the ffxiv universe fits in.

i think.

anyway i got poofy pants


Towering Bunny Girl is maybe the only thing that’ll make switch from Towering Elf Girl

speaking of which:


i was looking up how omni-crafters deal with their inventory
everyone on reddit is like ’ i have 9 retainers ’

i only have 4 and i’m not getting anymore so
time to experiment i guess


still very much into this game


once a year or so i think about starting this and there’s that ‘free until level 35’ trial version now

can you play and get something out of this without it becoming a grindfest? can you cancel the sub when you’re tired and/or there’s nothing going on and return?


it’s an mmo so the grind is inherent. getting to 35 probably wouldn’t be a chore. you can stop and start whenever as long as you don’t buy a house.

the auto-demolition timer complicates things.


yeah i often cancel between content patches since i don’t have any interest in the serious raid stuff (my endgame is collecting gear for fashion reasons lol)

as for grinding while leveling, the main quest will give you enough gear, gold & exp to get one job to max level. if you play a tank or healer job you’ll get bonuses from dungeons too since they’re always in short supply in matchmaking

you have to do the main story to unlock everything and it is very much a single player final fantasy (tho more along the lines of earlier FFs, lots of talking about crystals, not much in the Sadboy Adventures department) so if that’s not your thing you’ll probably not like it? heavensward actually punches above its weight a bit more than i expected & would probably get a lot more praise if it was a stand-alone game. the writers are very disdainful of nationalism & “might makes right” and because AAA gaming is a toilet ff14’s politics are better than average.

the grinding at endgame is nowhere near as awful as destiny because the endgame currency vendor gear is actually pretty good and you can pass all but the super hardcore content gear checks with it


speaking of fashion reasons


i’m real deep into heavensward. it’s absolutely incredible.