Final Fantasy XIV


oh hey, at least it’s probably only 100 hours until I get to HW so what’s a little bit of suffering, right

kill me now


i actually managed to get to heavensward but playing the game is already kind of a chore for me and i was so burnt out by the time i got there i think i got about three quests in and couldn’t stand to go on.


hi i’m playing this game again, I forgot if anyone eastern hemisphere folks were on Tonberry, but lmk if so!


i’m going to give this a shot again. is there a good sb server?


I played on Cactuar when I was subbed. Probably pick it back up once 4.5 is close


they should put this on the nintendo switch


idk if there’s one but i play on faerie!


There was a sb server some years ago. Meaning it had most of the players on it. But now it’s all fractured


I’ll get back into it again now too for the free play days but I won’t subscribe right now. I have hundreds of hours of story still ahead of me I think…


back after who knows how long anymore hoping to catch up with SB
before the new expansion. rumor says that viera will be the new race.
hoping it’s true so i can slam that buy fantasia button

all i do in this game is farm and craft now. i’ll catch up with lvling and
learning my main again later. i really don’t feel like doing dungeons at
all. glamming is also a great way to play w / o it being draining

blasted through the second half of HW and i already miss the menu
music. i watched the live letter stream yesterday. twitch chat is awful
i wanna play blue mage when 4.5 hits but i’m already wary of the RNG


Dungeons are my least favorite part of the game! I wish the main story wouldn’t make me go through them but alas

I still have a lot of love for this game and it’s world. Bunny race is going to be fun but I’m so attached to my character I don’t think I can change her… We’ve been through so much together


i didn’t realize how much anxiety running them gave me until i took my first extended break.
people wonder why anyone with this stance bothers playing at all but i like have such a large world ’ to myself '.

i never thought i’d be anything but a lalafel until i played HW for awhile but, it might’ve had something to do with getting tired of the dumb jokes i would get for being one. i’ve been hoping that viera would be an option since i started so depending on if it’s done in a satisfactory way i’ll probably change again permanently.

you can save your appearance in the character creator anyway which was useful back when i was running alts.


Anxiety is the word. I probably spend more time trying to get mentally ready for a dungeon than I spend actually in it. Now I’ve never had a bad experience with players being assholes but I still have social and anxiety and don’t want to ruin anyone’s fun with my incompetence, so it’s tough for me

Apparently you can recruit NPCs in the Shadowbringer expansion to go through the dungeons with you?? That’s meant for solo players is what I read. If that’s the case then that’s awesome… Although I did always profit from other people’s knowledge of the dungeons when I went through them and that made them go by quicker…


yeah, i usually open chat, say hello and then something like ’ srry, it’s been awhile ’ and hope for the best. i usually get commendations but i’m self conscious because i’m only lvl 61 and i have no idea what the new rotation for BLM is.

i’m just hearing about the trust system too. i have the same reservations as you. it’s nice to have other players explain mechs if you don’t know them ( or forgot ab them ). having everyone else steamroll through things is nice most of the time too.

honestly, i’m starting to feel like the odd man out because i want to keep playing this but. . .i don’t feel like engaging in combat anymore unless i’m farming for an item in the overworld or something.

it’s only been one day since i subbed and i’m already getting worried and wanting to back out! i think i’ve spent too much time on the official forums today. everyone is pissed about how the blue mage job is going to work and i keep wondering what i’m going to do when it comes time to do story quests again.

i’ll try to just be content with getting new gear and leaving it at that i guess.


i’ve been playing on siren as a catgirl lancer/botanist (so far)

for some reason simple fetch quests and monster hunting is what i want right now. i’ve just been playing and watching giant bomb videos in the background. it’s nice


no joke this game is great for stress relief. i’ve never really been into mmos but something about it is comfy enough to keep me playing on & off for years at this point

also i need to figure out how to pull screenshots off my ps4 so i can spam this thread with ~Fashion~


shpuld i fi ally commit. i got stuck again last time, i think i hitnleve 30 and got my dragoon stuff and then i didnt know what to do


From my own experience the way from 30 to 50 is pretty fun. If you enjoy the sort of thing the game offers at least. But you should know that from getting to 30. What I hear is that the quests from 50 up to Heavensward are the ones that wear you out. Heavensward is supposed to be great though.

I got warrior so I don’t know about dragoon


just follow the MSQ / main story quests
you get a new class quest every 5 lvls


Yeah I mean of course follow the main story quest. You’ll be busy until summer and then Shadowbringer will be out and you’ll be busy again

All I ever did in this game was follow the main story quest