Final Boss Dungeon Soundscape (attn: Toups)


Click to play along:

You’re ascending floors in a white tower. As you get higher, you pass windows which make it clear that you’re scaling through the stratosphere. Pixel stars twinkle on and off as the occasional shooting star sprite streaks across the black matte.

As you cross a crystal bridge towards the Flame of Knowledge, you hear the sound of a badly compressed laughter WAV file.

Suddenly, you are thrust into a battle:

“Look at yourself, Dulandau–you’ve become twisted by magic. Let us return the flame, and we can help you.”

“Help me? Why I think you’ll find that I am beyond any need of help! You always doubted my powers. And now you will die by them!!”

Your battle menu comes up:


Your enemy vanquished, you walk towards the Flame.

As you near the Flame your character movement slows to an awed pace.


The sprite of your love interest walks out of you.

“Hero, don’t do this.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Hero, I can see the way you’re looking at the flame. The way you want it.”

"What are you talking about

“I won’t let you succumb like Dulandau!”

Your love interest sprite touches your sprite.


Your sprite nudges the love interest sprite to the ground, and you walk up to the Flame.

You enter another battle screen.

This time, you see your party lined up on the opposite side of the field. Your battle menus are filled with powerful fire magic.


“It is is done now, my master. Yes. Now I will bring your light to the world.”

A minimally animated image of flames overtaking a valley fills the screen. Thunder flashes, revealing black clouds, as a forced perspective image of your character appears, menacing over the horizon.

End credits roll.


What The Hell - that (lost track) belongs on an entirely different soundtrack:

thanks for bringing this to my attention.

like, holy shit, man.


Orita formed the trio “Speed, Glue & Shinki” with former Golden Cups bassist Masayoshi Kabe, and Filipino singer-drummer Joey Smith, whom Shinki had discovered performing at a shopping centre in Yokohama. The band took their name from Smith’s use of amphetamines, and Kabe’s interest of sniffing Pro-Bond glue during the 1960s.

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gonna read this when I get back home tues


I’m filing most of this for later listening at work, but that first track is p. rad


Oh, the writing doesn’t really matter. It just seemed empty and lacking connective tissue if I just posted the songs with titles.


yeah but I wanted to listen to the music too!


I don’t want this thread to die in the axe TMKF


these are all awesome and I want to thank you particularly for showing me a path forward after having followed Tangerine Dream and Popul Vuh to their ends and being left stuck.

When Edgar Froese died an almost bigger tragedy was how little impact it made, I reminisced to my musician friend whose collection of analog synths overflows his studio. And this was just after the great work in GTA V!

I want an alternate history where Tangerine Dream had a lucrative career scoring games because repetitive electronic prog rock is the forge of game music.

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Okay. Fatman or Oddity?


Fatman, probs




At some point in the near future I am going to attempt making my own final boss dungeon soundscape with accompanying text narrative


Cool! Yeah, I kind of expected other people to post some prog rock goodness, but I guess it wasn’t in the cards.


You might have gotten scooped by the new thread which claims this one as inspiration!


Ah, but the Mort Garson album was from another thread! Toups was the other Garson fan, which is maybe why I thought of him for this thread, even though it’s organ prog, rather than synth.

I just want to take this opportunity to point out that I don’t ever get especially deep into this kind of esoteric. I tend to discover it, give it a listen, get my mind blown, and never truly become a fan. Podcasts have cut my music listening by 3/4, easily.