film and tv where people seem to unlock a pure humanity via food


i’m looking for excerpts or entire pieces of film and television where people share human moments with each other over the subject of eating and drinking. twin peaks is the model for this, kind of. also this isn’t a sexual fetish

(u can stop watching after 3 seconds)

if anyone else is seeking obscure cultural threads and subject matter in media/movie galaxy oddity maybe u can use this thread too


Bartender is a whole anime about this, from the perspective of joining people as they come to a bar in the middle of the night in Tokyo and a guy helps them get drunk and relax about or come to terms with their inner struggles

good ass series


Aye there are going to be countless Japanproperties that zero in on the emotional resonance of culinary exercise X to a manic degree, such that mentioning any should be considered cheating




Is this is what Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories is about?


Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives


Live Action:
Samurai Gourmet

Restaurant to Another World
Gourmet Girls Graffiti (mildly horny)
Shokugeki no Soma (extremely absurdly horny to the max)

This show doesn’t focus on the food as much as the others, like the meal is still important, but it’s more about the wacky community that formed in the restaurant.


Babette’s Feast







de sica’s ‘bicycle thieves’ has a moment like that

the older i grow and the more i understand my parents (or try to), the more impactful this whole movie – but specially scenes like this – get, it’s incredible


this feels really personal and intimate in a way i can’t really describe but i love it


ooh yeah i feel you; you should see the whole thing, maybe!

it’s literally my favorite film ever. i watch it every year. i get into ugly-crying at some point most of the times hahaha


oh gosh i’ll put it on my list. i still have no idea what its about but i’m sold


maybe… and yet…


Wings of Desire


does coffee and cigarettes count


Does the essential oeuvre of Steve1989MREInfo count?


The Cook, The Thief, His WIfe and Her Lover

A film I fully intend never to watch again.