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imo there’s a sadistic gaze to that which isn’t there w/ scorpion blowing up into a spray of cartoon blood and like 15 rib cages in old MK games. it’s like how i can have fun watching 80s slasher movies but won’t go anywhere near the whole Saw/Hostel/etc horror subgenre.

fwiw, i think the endless gunning down of humans (who are overwhelmingly non-white) in games like uncharted & various military shooters is a lot more damaging to a player’s psyche than an ice ninja getting their head sliced in half with a hat

but yeah, bits of this make me feel v. uncomfortable


the u.i. and sound design present such a serious frame

i can’t read any cartooniness in the new shit either

the music is not juno reactor, or the immortals, or space ghost purrp, not even dj paul

a spectrum between funny geocities .gifs or that one guro .gif with the laser machine



yes its the game where they defeat a villain by dropping him into a bottomless ocean of blood and say a one liner that is too grimly serious


they purposely constructed all of this to do that. the labor makes it serious. everything else surrounding the bottomless ocean of blood makes it serious. most gamers and nerd-people take shit at face value

vibe check. ed boon should have taken a vacation after mk2 he is clearly hurt by making all this up. school shooter subconscious.

the fatality animations are always compiled, removed from their allegedly campy and fun context, and put on pornhub or r/WomenDying or something after the games come out. what are we doing, yo


Well, both of those things are “old”. 80s slasher movies and the original Mortal Kombat. They were probably as shocking and uncomfortable back when they came out as Saw and MK11 seem to you now. I have never watched Saw fully but what I know about it I don’t like either. Would I have liked it if it came out when I was 15? Probably! I think young people have a higher tolerance for this stuff or are maybe less discerning, don’t get the tone as much. Right now each generation seems to get more callous when it comes to violence in media. My parents didn’t see much blood and gore growing up. My generation had rotten dot com and violent videogames. The new generation grows up with footage of terrorists suicide bombers and decapitations. And yeah, videogames and movies are reflecting that reality and becoming more violent as well. I don’t really see it as bad… It’s kinda weird but I don’t think it’s a bad influence on most people. I mean my grandparents lived in a world of tame media and they still saw more violence than any of us can imagine because they saw the second world war with their own eyes.

So, what I’m trying to say is probably that I don’t see videogame violence as a threat to society or anything like that and while I get that it’s going to be too much and uncomfortable for a lot of people I think it’s still possible to avoid looking at it.

I like the horror/slasher/whatever aspects of mk11 but to be honest they could get rid of all that and I’d still play the game because the gameplay is so tight and fun. So, it’s not necessary for me but I appreciate it.

@Victor I just wanna say that you come off as mean spirited and quite honestly you make me feel more uncomfortable than any MK game ever has. I don’t know why you want to spoil someone else’s fun with a stupid videogame or talk them out of playing it… I guess you’ve got reasons?


the murders and deaths in any slasher or horror movie are always celebrated by people who’ve never seen the wider movie and have no interest in it in the same circles, or any music video, or any piece of art l. if you want to blame violence sepqrated from the context of its origin for the way people view it maybe your problem shpuld be with how people are conditioned and taught to accept violence then the fact that there is, always will be, violence in entertainment.

vibe check maybe ed boon is just a guy who likes gross goofy gore and grew up on shitty slasher movies and operates a power structure where he can hire other artists to make violent art for him without having to deal with it and the takeaway should be more along the lines of making sure that people get the help and care they need when making art like this

that’ll never put an end to it though and if you want everyone to answer for how a group of people divorce violent art from the catalyst it appears in maybe you should divorce yourself from engaging with it



There’s gonna be a closed beta for Granbue on PS4, you can try and get in there:

You can also see some kind of deck of abilities for each character in the video, although since it seems to always be the same for a given character I guess that’s not customization but just a visual aid for newcomers?


They test their might, huh?

It’s too bad this is only on PS4, I would have signed up otherwise. I’ve heard about this game before and I like the sprite work a lot. I could never get into any Arc fighting games and I don’t know that this would be different but I like trying them out every now and then.


One of their devs has mentioned on twitter maintaining PC ports is really taxing for them so I guess they try to avoid making them early (and for that matter a PC port of granblue VS is nothing but a future possibility).

I’m one of those people who pretty much only play fighting games to mess around with the characters and admire their animations, which makes me very compatible with Arcsys’ output.


I just want to say that if they come out with a Virtua Fighter 6 I’m going to drop everything else and dedicate my life to it

I’m still wondering if they’ll have VF5 in the Yakuza 6 PC port which is supposed to come out eventually. But it’s been quiet around that since August last year or so, so I’m not too hopeful that we’ll get to see it… But then, I have a PS3 now, so I should probably just get the original game. As I understand it though Yakuza 6 had online play for VF5, which would be a dream come true if they’d manage to get that to work on PC as well…


Yeah that’s true. When Guilty Gear came out I was the same. I just adored the characters and loved the animation. It’s a bit like my love for Metal Slug. Shit at the game but I love the style



re: mortal kombat, besides crunch/terf support, i watched a fatality video and tbqh it crossed the valley between trash and porno to me


I will stand as in front of the tank in tiananmen square before I will let mortal kombat be kancelled


Now that’s my Akira

The character models in this 7 or 8 year old game still hold up exceptionally well. I shiver to think what they could do on the PS5


You know the answer is “just port VF in another Yakuza game” since that is how we can play VF5 on the PS4 right now.


Yeah, that’s what I’m hoping for!

MK11 got an update on PC. Patch notes: https://www.reddit.com/r/MortalKombat/comments/bmldko/5919_may_pc_patch_notes/

So, this should fix it?? I don’t think I had RGB Lighting on and it’s kinda unlikely that everyone else had it on but what do I know about technology


Good, because those character towers are bullshit


RGB lighting causing desyncs

bwahaha that’s the most interesting outcome of bedazzled RAM sticks I’ve ever heard


I know right?

And I’m dumb, RGB peripheral lighting is on by default, so yeah, everyone probably had it on