FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam!


did I tell you about the time I met an actual-factual groupie at an NYC barcade party for Ed Boon’s MK anniversary

a Celebrimbor fanfic groupie, mind


save it for Branson

(was it the one on the edge of wburg? They mostly had 80s games so I’d be surprised)


in Jade a doo was Kotal Kahn


I think it was the Barcade® in Chelsea

They had Sega’s hologram time travel game! it’s not good


I’m glad the liberty inn is still around


If they turned down the sexing that is great because MK Reboot was great outside of the audacious lack of clothes on all the women.


yeqh theyve definitely turned down the sexing, i think they may have listened to some of the criticisms about hoq when they made mileena sympathetic they also made her more attractive, even sheeva is showing less skin in this game

which of course, predictably, has the gamers all riled up


Wasn’t the reward for beating one of the modes in MK9 a costume of Mileena wearing a single, strategically woven bandage?

They’ve come a long way since then, thankfully.


For all the legit issues you can throw at NRS (The work culture stuff is appalling. You can take the studio out of Midway but you can’t take the Midway culture out of the studio, apparently). But they have made genuine efforts in better representation even if it means some slight retcons and voice recasts to be better reflective of it. The two actors who play Liu Kang and Kung Lao are fantastic.


Now if only they could tone down the gore and flying teeth.


It absolutely is that and I love that about it. There’s something hypnotizing about how it revels in its horror aspects, guts and gore. And at the same time it’s a more grown up and emotionally intelligent story than you usually get in fighting games. I absolutely mean that in relative terms but just look at say Tekken 7 ur Street Fighter games, they’re nowhere near as ambitious. I could actually dislike someone in MK11, Jax, because he was an actual character with actual opinions and problems and goals that didn’t gel with me. But I cared about him and I wanted him to be different and change. I don’t give a fuck about anyone in Tekken or SF because they’re nowhere near as real.

I finished the story mode yesterday night and I loved it. It was meaty and fun and it never took my time for granted or bored me. It was thoroughly entertaining and it taught me more about the game. What more can you ask for, really?

Can’t wait to get into the Krypt! Does it run like ass for anyone else? Is it locked at 30 fps because it feels like it from the 2 minutes I spent in it


I’m actually a little surprised this isn’t reviewing better. I know the meta is all fucked up and some people really have a problem with that, but everything else is so well done and accessible – like, I don’t think there’s been another highly technical 2.5D fighting game that commits to teaching to this extent (DBFZ kind of got close) or has such streamlined and faithful and enthusiastic production. I feel like I semi-notoriously ignore franchises until they suddenly have that breakthrough and then I gush all over them, but for all my idiosyncrasies I’m not sure why that’s not more common.

I managed to beat a noob saibot player a few times online last night so that was fun


the timing on some of the getup moves seems fiddlier than necessary though, I’m not sure why they’d make it quite so hard to burn meter. at least the R1 taps to enhance your supers are really elegant and satisfying.


What DBFZ did you play? DBFZs in-game educational material was woefully lacking compared Xrds and Xrd pales next to UNIELST that goes the extra mile to even teach you how to just play fighting games in general


It’s weird but I personally they toned back from MK X. MK X was significantly way bloodier and way more grim with the depiction of blood and the fatalities were straight vicious (I think Mileena’s one where she just rips and tears into the opponent on the ground and splits them in half as the top half tries to get away was probably the nastiest the series has gotten). This game you don’t see the X-Ray stuff as much and the fatalities are trying to hit the comedy. If X was sorta a grim Rob Zombie reboot. This is much more black humored “Final Destination” style “Every kill is super shocking, outlandish, funny or all three” approach and it works somehow. I think they have come to terms with that stuff being non-canon and more fanservice so they can really go over the top with it.

Towers of time and grindy progression in the Krypt along with a misunderstanding about the Krypt seem to have been the biggest black marks. It’s not the worst MK for grindy progression (Deception and Deadly Alliance were significantly worse especially since Deadly Alliance had no online play) but it’s way too stingy to make anything meaningful (Especially heart chests. You get one heart for a fatality and two for a brutality. Considering how difficult brutals can be, it should be like 5-10 for those and 2 for a fatality) and they should have been way more clear on how the Krypt works. Reviews called it a “Loot box paradise” while the way it works is that every chest has a set content in it and some chests like heart chests have set positions/content. But the majority are randomised so players don’t just look up an online guide and unlock the stuff for the characters they want to play as so they are encouraged to play other characters if they unlock their skins/fatals/brutals et all. It’s just achingly slow to get going and the Towers Of Time simply don’t give you enough for it.

Having said that, NRS have said they agree with it and are adjusting it in a patch. So it will probably get a bit of an overhaul. It is weird with how intentionally limiting Time Crystals (The actual MTX system) are how the press gaslit themselves into thinking it was going to be a MTX paradise.


It’s basically impossible to split the difference between players who will play for months and months and want progression rewards to look forward to the entire time, and more casual players who want to dip in and finish the game. The specter of microtrans gets everyone in a conspiratorial mindset and poisons every longterm interaction, as well.

I think best practices are to hold off on progression so that you launch with, “achievable in a month” and then lengthen the road in front of players through monthly updates of new costumes and scenarios and the like.


I just can’t even process wanting to open that mode for any reason

they made such a good game and quarantined all the dopamine casino stuff, it almost seems ungrateful not to ignore it


alao i would like to point put that as non hirny as the designs are it still is noticeable half of the women all wear high heels!


I am looking forward to the Krypt despite everything but I’ve got some tolerance for casino bs. Not much but some. Spent today with the Klassic Towers instead though. Also did some AI battles. I lost once and won once against @Drem 's AI team.

Now I’m in the lab with Liu Kang. Learning his moves. I haven’t done a single online fight yet. The single player stuff is really plentiful. I feel like that’s my money’s worth already


can’t believe we waited all this time for a cutscene of Bruce Lee going super saiyan