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I was about to talk shit because I played Psychic Force at the arcade and thought it sucked but

Maybe you’re onto something here :thinking:


i like the psychic force games a lot, but i was really disappointed when i loaded up puzzle taisen and it is literally just puzzle bobble with psychic force characters instead of bubble bobble characters


if you’re going to debase your dojo with trashy psx era fighting at least play bloody roar 1


with bloody roar, you should play the arcade version over the ps1 version, just because it’s called BEASTORIZER, which is incredible

i’m almost tempted to start a seperate unloved fighting games thread


when you are right you are right


me, now: “what ever happened to raizing’s rich punch’em heritage”

wikipedia: naruto


You can also play the X/1999 fighting game, which is just a reskin of Psychic Force.


i was including that when i said “sequels”, though to be fair the only way anyone would have known i was doing that is if they’d read the psychic force page on the sb wiki i did many years ago


honestly if i had my pick i would just learn DBFZ but im not spending $60 on another video game

i’m definitely ditching SFV, that game dont run at 60fps on anything but training stage, even at 480p :exclamation: :grey_exclamation:

i’ll probably just, idk, try to learn some Cody in USF4 until i get sick of it, and otherwise SFA3 / garou / CVS2 / 3S / other fightcade stuff

(someone white and upper middle class buy me DBFZ pls :grin: :grin:)


what’s skullgirls like in 2019


DBFZ is a frustratingly bad user experience, and once you get past the terrible UI and terrible netcode, it’s kind of a mediocre game.

Skullgirls is marginally better. Also dead. But the netcode is fantastic and the characters are diverse enough to bolster whatever kind of playstyle you like.


2019 is kind of a shit year for fighting games, unless you’re a Tekken player. SFV is one of the worst versions of Street Fighter ever, and you’re not going to carry much experience from that game to another 2D one. It’s a completely isolated piece of shit and is already extremely dated, which isn’t even to say how dated it’s going to look even a year or two from now.

I’m waiting on Guilty Gear 4, a new Darkstalkers, or Virtua Fighter 6, and only one of those is more than just a hopeless dream.

Also: I am a SFA3 apologist, but if you want to play something that will always carry you into other relevant games, play Super Turbo. Seriously. Anybody who cares about 2D fighters should play ST, IMO


Honestly the big problem is how KOF XIV and Under-Night never go on sale. I got XIV when it was $20 for the whole thing for like a day (the complete game is like, $80 right now) and it’s really good? It’s easily the most accessible version of modern KOF-style combos and it feels really good to be able to actually play the game for once instead of idiot-slapping buttons like KOF XIII always devolves into with me.


Oh yeah, Under Night is super good. It’s not my thing, but it’s good. UNIST and Guilty Gear are like, the two 2D fighters.


re: 2019 in fighting games…

No froth for Samurai Shodown?


has there been any confirmation on which if any of the original samsho devs are involved? I know a year or two ago the main dude was making the rounds saying he wanted to get the band back together and make a new one and then surprise it happened, but not sure about the actual specifics.


Guilty Gear is on sale again.


I think you linked the wrong url, here’s the correct one.


alright ive bought both kof14 and gg xrd rev because i have more money than sense (and i dont have much money)


this cody-g set lol