Fast and Furious Presents



Like pickled ginger after F8. Idris Elba chewing scenery is fucking great.


Without The Family, their chemistry, and their history, this looks like just another action movie.


ahahah i was just about to post this in the official F&F thread but perhaps… Cobbs & Slaw deserve their own thread after all…

I can only hope my wishes are fulfilled and this sci fi angle bleeds over into the official F&F sequel

also Shaw fucking killed Han and I will definitely be rooting for Idris Elba in this one


What if they bring back Han for C&S instead of F&F?

That Han Slaw killed in that moment was actually a clone created in an orbital research station and the real Han has been working with Slaw behind the scenes.


Han comes back with half of his face scarred from the fire and wants revenge on Shaw. He doesn’t have any alliegance to Hobbs so it’s perfect.

Give him an eyepatch too and it’ll be the sexiest shit ever.


Would the eyepatch be on the scarred or not-scarred side?


I was thinking the scarred side.

I think all of the gay panic bond villains gave me a thing for handsome disfigurement.


also do you think the screenwriters knew they were going to have an actor as brilliant as Elba to deliver the line “I’m a bad guy” in a way that made it sound like it wasn’t written with absolutely 0 effort, or do you think they just didn’t give a shit