Fading Brakelight Obscurity II - Championship Edition


But the real secret plush option is JDM Motors in Dallas has a 4th gen Mazda Cosmo but they want like over twenty grand for it get real.


Nooo my will is weak but my spine can’t tolerate old suspension on Austin’s shitty roads anymore

Maybe a '96 LS400 with the air suspension intact lol


I unfollowed all the car blogs and car porn pages and accounts and such I was following because the harsh reality of being stuck with my car means I shouldn’t spend all this time online drooling and forming opinions about automobiles

I’ve got an '09 Volvo S40 with about 76k miles on it but the damn thing is getting downright quirky and shit on it keeps breaking.


Get a Toyota lol


actually, i’m driving that Wagner/ride of the valkyries advert Citroën model… and yes, as far as hydro-pneumatic suspension cars are concerned, this is as hard as it gets. it still does the wafting and barging well, mind you, but if you had a proper (read: comfy) cit, you will have to get used to the sportiness that it provides.
it also has its little niggles that can be a bit expensive, but then it still feels kinda up-to-date, thanks to its three/four displays instrument cluster…

but i digress; turns out that even if you tell zem people that yu are az german az itz getz, they still buy audis, benzes and bmws, who’d have thought!
so they turned to doing what they do best, build wacky cars that only the brave can buy eith a straight face.


now they decided that SUVs are the hot shit, so i guess when i have to part ways with the C5, i’ll probably switch to some other make again…

Fiat is a good suggestion, not too pricey, and afaik also available around the US, would expect that thanks to the chrysler tie-up, there will be also enough service stations around(?)

uhhhh… are you sure you do want to have the Citroën suspension suspense thriller feeling?
i’ d say finding an intact air suspension model from any car maker thats > 10 years is a wonder… it took the french about 20 to 30 years to figure it out.

yes yes, you are right. that would be 10 years at max in japan or germany, i admit defeat.
still, that shit can - and will be - expensive at one point, sooner than later the older they get. maybe try to find something un-sporty™ like an accord?


Man I’d drive a Cactus so hard


Try a small single cab pickup, like a Toyota Tacoma.


Yeah re: sportiness I think at best I’m getting something with independent rear suspension.

Gonna try a variety of small hatches/SUVs/trucks. I should say it’s more about the posture than suspension. Low low low

I might be the only person in the world who should buy a CX-3 instead of a Mazda 3.


This whole thread makes me realize that I am the opposite of a car person. My 2003 Vibe has a bumper held on with wire and duct tape, my passenger window falls down all the time and is currently held in the uppermost position by a suction cup stuck to the inside at the bottom, I forgot to get my oil changed for a year and a half, my AC doesn’t work, my passenger mirror is duct taped on and utterly useless, and the back seats are filled with paper bags from when I took a bunch of books to goodwill and they gave me the bags back.

I also only drive maybe twice a week and usually for less than 10 miles.

I am only going to get another when this one collapses into a pile of unidentifiable parts.


This is the only part that hurts me, but modern synthetic oil blends can last like 5,000 miles so depending on what oil you use you were probably mostly fine.


has anyone played Wreckfest? the consensus seems to be that being in early access for so long deprived it of much fanfare on launch but I’m pretty much always looking to get excited about a new arcade racer


Actually, i totally forgot about wreckfest or that it even exists, gonna have to check that out when i’m back home!


Someone should make a game where you drive Suzuki Samurais and shit through scenic mountain trails.


enthusia and, to some extent, Kaido battle games offer this option. enthusia more so, since the field of cars is assigned based on your car(acter).


Thanks I’ll look into Enthusia!


I just think these guys and other weird Japanese 4x4s are so cute. They tend to be pretty under powered but they look like they’d be so much fun to drive and invoke a blue skys sega feel in their design. It’s a trend that will probably never come back as boxy designs for SUVs are pretty much dead and have been replaced by sleek car based crossovers.


When i join a clean driving server in Wreckfest, it’s always full of the most shunt happy drivers. I like the way it plays a lot. It is kind of like a derivative of Forza, a accessible racer with some realistic elements, that sits neatly between the two extremes.


not necessarily, though if it gets a chop-top, well, only time will tell…


Pardon me for linking to a clickbait factory but these pictures are rather enjoyable


aint nobody never told me bout this


tbh, assuming that the VITA and PSP were SEGA handhelds immediately fits better than the truth ever will… otoh, it would instantly make both more alluring, since a modern SEGA powerhouse would sound instantly tempting to younger me.