Everybody Was in Tales from the Crypt

Everybody was in Tales from the Crypt.


Even that guy from the first Resident Evil movie who gets chopped up into cubes. He’s there with Ewan McGregor. Everybody was in Tales from the Crypt.

Catherine O’Hara? Check. That guy from Ally McBeal/aka Renfield from Dracula Dead and Loving It? Check.

Katey Segal? Iggy Pop? The voice of Sam Kinison? Indeed.

Miguel Ferrer? Of course.

Don Rickles? Bobcat Goldthwait?

Michael Ironside.

Sherilyn Fenn, John Lithgow, and Humphrey gotdang Bogart.

Daniel “You Ain’t Got to Lie” Craig.

Carol Kane.

Morton Downey Jr.

Jennifer Rubin and Mimi Rogers.

Patricia Arquette!

Rance Howard.

The Dandy Highwayman himself, Adam Ant!

Wayne Newton and Mark of CostCo! This episode was directed by the guy that composed the music for Day of the Dead.


Tom Hanks! Treat Williams! Sugar Ray Leonard!

Arnold Schwarzenegger and William Hickey!

We’re not even done! Kirk Douglas, Joe Pantoliano, Demi Moore!

Everybody was in Tales from the Crypt. Maybe even you. :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

ETA: How could I forget Tim Curry and Ed Begley Jr?


hm, I needed a new creative portfolio site


Sounds like a podcast.