Every Extend Extra! Extra! (News Thread)

losing it rly hard over how they called it the Konami Memorial Series like they all fucking died or something


Learned not only about Space Hole 2020 through this, but Space Hole 2018 and Space Hole 2016!

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Fun thing about Space Hole 2016 (and possibly the others, haven’t gotten to them) is that rather than worry about finding appropriate music for it they just got permission from a band they liked to basically use their albums as the soundtrack so you just have seattle indie rock blasting the whole time no matter what.


who knows if this is real but


There have been three US presidents since the last game came out.


okay, made a thread.

it’s not a comprehensive list and is heavily skewed towards newer stuff so feel free to make suggestions over there

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im like. preventing myself from getting excited or performing any cognitive function towards this news till i know if kota hoshino/frequency are doing the soundtrack or not… like not that i necessarily need it to be him but given from’s track record with music the last decade or so without him, like. if i boot up armored core 6 on the playstation 7 and the main menu has some mid ass bloodborne violins tuning up on it i’m gonna feel like they didn’t even make the video game


I just realized I should mention that if you bought the giant itch racial justice bundle a year and a half ago you already own Space Hole 2016 and 2018, and if you purchased the giant palestinian aid bundle from a half year back you own all three of them!


To be fair, SC4 is pretty much awful by any metric, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered someone who prefers it to the original castlevania


out of all the ports and spiritual renditions of Akumajou Dracula, SC4 is the mushiest and least resistant, overwrought and emphasizing spectacle over substance and tight gameplay. but it’s still pretty fun idk


I agree with you about Super Castlevania, but anecdotally I’ve heard a fair number of people say it is their favorite of the linear games.

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yeah i love SC4. i just enjoy it’s whole vibe; the music, the graphics, the nods to the other games in the series. i don’t care that it isn’t as tight an action experience as the original. it feels so laid back and gooey, i could live in that. weirdly enough, i just never really make any comparison to the original when i’m playing it. they’re so different.

edit: i think also having come to it originally not thinking of it or knowing it was a remake (it’s called IV in the US) had something to do with this


Super castlevania 4 is mostly bad because it’s directly inviting comparisons to 1, since it’s a remake, and the two other flagship 16 castlevania games are some of the best action games ever made.

SCIV just feels…solid and competent. But never really excels. I still enjoy it a lot though.


the main opinion i have of Super Castlevania IV is it has an incredibly dope soundtrack. the Dracula music is one of my favorite pieces of game music.


three if you count x68k!


I really can’t see Bloodlines over Super.

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I just saw this new TAS highlights twitter account.
The absurdity in some of these videos reminds me of the excellent Classics of Games youtube channel
(Flashing lights warning for the last one)


Firmly in the “Love CV4 but not my favorite” camp. And certainly part of the charm is the spectacle of shoving as many shiny new SNES features they could in.

One of my favorite bits is the approach to the final battle, the chaotic boss rush music ends in silence, then you move to the next screen and the torches light up on your approach as the first long note sets in.


I somehow did not know about this game and it looks rad as hell.