Episode 38 about Taekwondo is out! time to vote on the next game! Snexplorers! Wow! CBT!

Alright, first here’s the new episode:

This is a good one about a good game. We had a blast and I hope you enjoy it as well. Warning: we talk a lot about balls and penises! I shouldn’t have to warn you about this by now though! It happens every time!!!

Also, wow, 3 episodes in like, 3 weeks?? It’s a SNEXaissance!! (Okay one of them is about a genesis game so I guess it’s just THREE REALLY GOOD EPISODES IN A SHORT TIMESPAN (don’t get used to it))

Alright, time to vote:

Aaaand here are screenshots and descriptions the next 3 games you get to vote on, worms!

Majin Tensei II - Spiral Nemesis


Majin Tensei II: Spiral Nemesis is a turn-based strategy game using a combination of human characters and recruited demons, and is the sequel to 1994’s Majin Tensei. It is part of Atlus’s greater Shin Megami Tensei series. The protagonist, Naoki Takauchi, is part of a strike force assembled to protect modern Tokyo from an invasion of demons. Naoki and his human companions can all be renamed by the player.

Gameplay is similar to that of Majin Tensei, with one significant difference being the switch to isometric grids over the top-down perspective of the original. Players can still recruit demons via negotiation and fuse them together for stronger monsters, but they have a finite resource with which to summon demons for missions. The player therefore needs to balance improving their human units with summoning their demons.

(please note: this does have an english patch which we will most likely be using: https://www.romhacking.net/translations/4066/)

Fune Tarou


Fune Tarou (“Boat Taro”) is a fishing game for the Super Famicom released in late 1997. It follows from 1994’s Tsuri Tarou from the same developers, and once again follows a boy named Tarou as he tries to catch a whopper.

The game moves from rivers to the ocean, and the player fishes off the deck of a boat in various locations. The player has a limited amount of bait, however, so they must be careful not to let too many fish get away.

Aero the Acro-Bat



hype for either Fune Tarou or Majin Tensei II, leaning more towards playing an SMT game though

This is a hard one but I really, really, want Fune Tarou.

I feel like if I had difficulty focusing on Langrisser II Majin Tensei is going to be even more of an anxiety bomb for me, and the fish look so good.

If we count book of Megadrive polls Aero is the first time a game has appeared on TWO votes, by the by.

And either way, it’s the first time one game has come up for voting on both.

I’m torn and have not voted yet. Both Fune Tarou and Majin Tensei 2 look great

Afraid they are gonna get split vote and aero will make y’all suffer.

you act like there’s a choice but I only see one penis demon with tentacles up there


my kinsey score is me narrowly choosing fish game over dick game


We covered the Itoi bass fishing game on the Earthbound episode, but I think the time is right for a complete fishing episode! But only if @HOBO promises to do another fruitless fishing stream.


btw the new episode was supposed to be up yesterday, but it never processed. I’ve reuploaded it and will give it a little more time, but otherwise I’ll start looking for a different solution

Okay it’s up for real, I’ll update the main post and here’s a link again:


fish are the penis demons of the sea


Sorry for the ultra loud mic

That’s my bad, I should have done more compression

If you have me on again I might be able to use a better setup.

Please for the love of god ppl vote for the bloody fishing game


So it turns out Robert Duvall stole Ralph Macchio’s best actor oscar in 1984


My MegaTenDom drew a vote for Spiral Nemesis. But I’m honestly more hyped with how most votes were cast for FISH