Episode 34 (Wizardy 1,2,3) is out!! Also voting time!


It’s out, only like. Really late. Fuck schedules! Time is an illusion! Productivity is a chain constructed by the upper classes to separate us from the fruits of our labor! Seize the…


Also, it’s time to vote on the next game!!! Here’s the link:

And here are descriptions of all the games:

WWF Royal Rumble


WWF Royal Rumble is LJN’s “sequel” to WWF Super Wrestlemania. WWF Royal Rumble features twelve wrestlers in each version, some wrestlers exclusive to each port of the game. There was an updated port featuring a bigger roster and other features added in called WWF Rage in the Cage released on the Sega CD. Both the SNES and Genesis versions of Royal Rumble support up to 2 players. Royal Rumble on the Genesis had a VRC (Video Game Rating Council) rating of GA for General Audience.

Alien vs. Predator


Aliens vs. Predator is a brawler based on the two eponymous sci-fi movie licenses Alien and Predator, which was developed by Jorudan exclusively for the Super Nintendo. It is the first AvP video game adaptation and should not be confused with the 1994 Capcom Arcade brawler, the 1994 Atari Jaguar FPS or the 1999 PC FPS from Rebellion.

The player assumes the role of one of the game’s Predators and fights waves of xenomorphs across the human colony world Vega 4. While there are human colonists still alive on the planet, the Predators are not interested in rescuing them. The Predators eventually fight the xenomorphs back to the ship they arrived on, and eventually land on the planet they originally came from where they defeat an Alien Queen at the heart of a hive.

Super Shogi


Super Shogi is a shogi game from I’Max Corp and the second Super Famicom game based on the popular Eastern variant of chess, after 1991’s Shodan Morita Shogi. It was eventually followed up with two sequels: Super Shogi 2 and Super Shogi 3: Kitaihei.

Vote early, vote often, vote Cuck Rock for president baby.


my favourite musical genre



close race so far


Are the polls only on Twitter?


i don’t think there’s ever been a game called royal rumble that actually featured enough wrestlers to have a royal rumble


I vote for avp! I don’t use twitter, sorry!


My buddy and I played Royal Rumble recently on a hacked SNES Mini.

It has about eight wrestlers I think?


Yeah it’s only Twitter, sorry. Do what @OneSecondBefore did and make a special, snex only Twitter accoubt


I refuse on moral grounds, sorry.


i was playing alien vs predator and after a few minutes of constantly getting knocked down and hit by enemies off-screen, I realized why this genre is dead.

i decided to play gourmet sentai instead.

i depleted his hp! now what!?



Finally listened to the episode and ALL THIS THIEF LOVE YESSSSSSS

I would totally contribute something to a Thief cast if offered.


Probably more fruitful to do a immersive sim cast, or Looking Glass, or something.


Fuck wide umbrellas THIEF CONTAINS ALL




As is often the case, I find myself in agreement with Shrug.


When/If I ever did this, I would get through Thief and if there was still momentum at the end, contemplate continuing. I feel like Thief is unique in that every level is very conceptually district from the rest, and could foster interesting discussion.

Most game podcasts are kinda hit and run capsules explorations of games, and I like the idea of really getting into the guts of one.



Now we gotta play a beat em up that is definitely worse than Captain Commando.




i mean, shit, i would have joined in to talk wrestling shit. The cast of the SNES version has some great people to talk about on it.


Of the three, Royal Rumble was the most fun. AVP is very typical beat 'em up bullshit, to the point where I became aggravated at how little effort was put into making it different from any of the other countless fucking beat 'em ups out at that time.