Elder Scrolls Online is free to try this week

It looks like it is free to try all week and on sale on PS4 XBONE and on Steam. I’m downloading the steam version and be warned, it is about 59 gigs so maybe leave it to download over night.

Anyone want to try it out?

i played this game when it was in beta a few times and it was so much worse than i could have possibly imagined

wonder if its gotten better. i think they are adding (added?) morrowind to the game, so that could be cool

please friends

don’t do this to yourselves

But didn’t they just update it with the Morrowind region?

Surely that’s worth a free peek.

I think the morrowind expansion is out in June

it’s probably worth playing to check out the Morrowind stuff much like how smashing your balls with a hammer is worth getting perspective on the rest of the pain in your life

seriously i don’t think i can overstate how bad this was on release. even if everything is better now, it’s one of those polishing a turd situations

Kill All WoW Clones

I have the base game, it’s honestly not that bad now. I’d much rather play ESO than WoW, that’s for sure.

the nicest thing I will say is that it doesn’t do any tab-targetting nonsense (which it instead falls into the other trap of being cleave/AoE heavy but that’s another conversation) and doing up a “class” is neat and the RvR stuff seems legit (which makes sense seeing as Bethesda got/poached a bunch of former Mythic devs)


a friend tells me it is a better game than ff14

i believe him, because ff14 is bad

can thieves do any thief things

Counterpoint: ff14 has moogles, which are awesome. Elder Scrolls at best have cat people, which are only kind of awesome.


ff14 also has cat people.

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cat people would be better without the people bit imo


I remember when this was in the works thinking "oh that sounds like it’ll be a boring disaster ".
Now whenever anyone mentions it I’m like "oh yeah, that came out, didn’t it? Years ago, even"
Apparently because it was a boring disaster.

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my earliest memory of ESO was reading that it was running on the HERO Engine and I was like “that’s the same engine as SWTOR and oh no, no no no no

At least it’s moderately better than TOR

I mean, ‘engine’ doesn’t actually mean anything? Oblivion and Catherine run on the same engine.

The final encounter of the starting area has pretty much destroyed my processor fan so I don’t think I am going to play this on PC again.