Duck Game would make for a good SB multiplayer game. The recent adult swim Humble Bundle had it, so I’m guessing a bunch of sisbros have a copy at this point.

Any takers on getting a game together in the next few weeks? Matches are pretty fast – 5-15 minute affairs – and it’s 2-4 players so playing doesn’t take much commitment.

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I bought that bundle too, it’d be great to give it a shot. Wednesday next week is probably the first I’m available though.

i could be convinced, though yeah not til Mon/Tues

I might be cool to join! I need an excuse to play this with people.

Fuck and yes… DUCK GAME.

I think I have this game.

I’d like to join for some quick session if there’s room. This week I’m available on friday evening CEST. Maybe Sunday too

I’m busy this weekend and out of town next week, but I should be able to find some time after that.

I’ve played this with two other people in the same room before and it’s been pretty great.

Anyone up for some duck games? I’m available pt much any time now (except this saturday)

Heck to the yes.

@Iacus, you’re in Europe, right? How would less than 12 hours notice do? That is: 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern / 7pm Central Europe (CET) pretty much today? I could play for an hour or two if we started up then.

Also pinging @km, @eska, @CourierRice, @Godamn_Milkman in case they’re free on very short notice.

Alternatively, I might be free for a bit Friday afternoon (Pacific).

can you give that in UTC+10 or just UTC?

:frowning: i’ll be at work.

That’s a little early in the afternoon (I think?) for me, but I could try and do this yeah.

I can do today if we start at 7pm (CEST), yeah

Maybe even 1 hour later, but probably not too much later (I am going out later in the evening)

UTC would be 5pm (although don’t forget about summer time if your country observes, eg London would be at 6pm for a UTC of 5pm today).

Or, more easily, in about 2 hours and 35 minutes of me posting this.

Sounds like @Iacus and I can do an hour, with @CourierRice as a strong maybe? I know that Iacus and I are Steam friends, but I don’t think I am with CourierRice yet: my Steam handle is almost exactly the same, just has a space, ‘amish chipmunk’.

Three is a good number for Duck Game, but if there’s a fourth out there reading this, come on down!

haha i’ll be sleeping but have fun

If we don’t get 3 ppl or the full 4 we can leave it for another day. I’m also available tomorrow. Can do it later in time, too if it’s too early for some folks.

Yo @CourierRice, you going to make it? We’re playing right now.

I’m booked up through next wednesday :frowning:

Wtf, even sooner than I thought. Coming! Gotta install real quick. Are y’all in the discord voice channel?

Fun times!

I should have joined the voice channel.
Oh well, next time! Sky’s the limit, now!