DREAM THREAD: Thread for weaving together a beautiful tapestry from all your dreams

I had a dream that @shrug was hosting a quiz at a bar of some sort. His quiz was titled “Walt-ohhhh,” a poor pun on the name Walter. The content of the quiz was something about making dirty jokes out of either (a) Disney songs or (b) Walt Whitman poetry. I can’t remember which it was.

The frequency of people posting dreams is not enough to keep an axe thread going so I’m just going to keep making these every time I have a dream worth recording.


i dreamed today that one of my trans kid friends had played some game online with @physical


Should put a dream thread under “Output” imho, even if that Output is only experienced first-hand by oneself.


Yes this sounds like canon.

This is now the official unaxable dream thread, in the Output forum

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now everyone will know about me and my crimes D:

Dreamt that I was riding a motorcycle on a highway with someone, not sure who, riding behind me. On my right was a hill or mountain, not notable. On my left was a valley, sloping up to a high rocky peak. Over the peak and partway into the valley was a terrible storm. The sky was black and purple and the clouds were moving at such a speed that I thought it might not be real. There were multiple twisters touching down on the mountain. Lightning was boiling in the sky, occasionally lighting the clouds in a flash of purple. Somehow I knew I was safe on this motorcycle, as long as I didn’t stop.

Had a dream that @meauxdal and I were stuck in a sort of combo between a sports arena and Survivor-like landscape. I think it was supposed to be a Words with Friends tournament? But there was all this interaction between people, and we were trying to solve a mystery.

The mystery turned out to be that we were there for three days, but it was the same day repeating every time and nobody remembered. Somehow we broke out of the loop and started trying to find ways of escaping.

…real weird.


Last night I dreamed that I and a few others visited a SB member’s apartment. (I’ll omit the person’s identity, even though nothing embarrassing happened.) The place was mostly bare concrete. The floors had several levels, even within the same room. We discussed the books and museum-like artifacts on the shelves (inspired by that bookshelf photo thread, I suppose) and we made sandwiches in the kitchen.

A few days ago, I dreamed that I was in a large school building with many other people. Because we had stayed there until evening, we could no longer leave. This was due to a combination of a snowstorm and vicious roaming creatures in the surrounding woods. At one point, I saw two black horses run by, one of which was far larger than a normal horse and one of which was only about a foot high. There was a strange sort of lightning in the air that flashed blue in the bare trees.


I took a nap today and dreamt that I turned into a ferret and Marina was upset and yelled at me so I bit them a bunch

It’s a metaphor

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this is very uncharacteristic of me considering that would probably be the best possible thing for our relationship

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To be fair, it would severely impact my ability to hold a job

Think of the sort of niche religion you could found if it could be proven that this ferret was once a human birch.

Easily dozens of followers of modest to average means willing to eat slightly less nutritious meals a few times a week in order to contribute $1-5 to your Spreading the Gospel of the Mustelidae Transformative patreon.

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Dreamt there was horrendous flooding, reaching up to just below my apartment on the second floor, everything around for miles submerged. Somehow, one of my coworkers was there, and informed me that we were now really behind schedule and we’d have to come in and work during our vacation. Neither of us was entirely sure how we were going to get to work.

My dreams are big on apocalyptic levels of flooding.


dreamt botagel and mauve were helping me with japanese, which involved dressing me up in a kimono and adding as many kimono accessories as possible.

this was very embarrassing so i shouted out “quick! take a picture!”.


In my dream I was on my way to the bumpass meetup, but went a few hundred miles out of my way to distribute old portable solid fuel forges with attached blowers to various select futon members on and near the east coast.

I kept thinking “but in life I only have two of those, and I’m not sure what condition they’re in, and how do they fit in the car?” but continued distributing.


Nobody was home because everyone was in Virginia. I was just dropping things off. I went to Boston. @gary’s boyfriend was there in a house that looked exactly like the one my great grandparents lived in in Lewiston before great grandpa died and my great uncle conned grandma out of it and she went to live with my grandmother. I don’t know anything about gary’s bf, so he was very indistinct I just knew who he was, in dream fashion. He said: she’s not here, I don’t know if you should leave that, I would ask her but she’s not here.

I said: I guess it’s yours as much as hers. Do you want it? Do you think you could use it? I offered him an anvil. I don’t know how I suddenly had spare anvils, but I offered one.

He said: I don’t know. I should ask her. I would ask her, but she’s in Virginia.

I said I was going to Virginia next, once I was through distributing forges.

He said: great, you can take me with you. We’ll ask her and then you can drive me back.

I didn’t think that sounded very efficient.

I don’t think I drove him to Virginia. I don’t remember if I left a forge.


gary if u tell ur bf I had a dream about him plz tell him it was a sex dream thanx


no don’t do this

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very glad i started this thread so i could get notifications of other people’s dreams

it’s the best kind of notification

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