dragon hunter (generic chinese arcade game)

so i went on an unplanned trip to the seaside tonight, which included a visit to an arcade. almost all the machines were ticket redemption games, but i did see one interesting thing: dragon hunter.

at first sight, i thought it was a light gun game, but i put my money in, and it was actually a weird thing where you aim a constant stream of water at what i guess must have been a touch screen, to shoot various monsters. getting power-ups ingame made the real stream of water more powerful, too!

the whole thing did have that generic look that chinese games tend to have, and there wasn’t even a high score table or anything. but the novelty of it was cool, and i was curious about it. the only identification i could find was a small sticker with a url leading to gungzhou xiongxang animation co ltd


big shout out to their other game “jazz hero”

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I was devastated when I learned yesterday that purveyors of arcade mediocrity Raw Thrills are led by Eugene Jarvis

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That’s fukken wild

If they made this into a gamified urinal I’d go to the pub a lot more often