It disgusts me enough to not want to watch the rest of the run. It’s really unforgivably bad.

Which sucks all the more considering how much care clearly went into the episode from everyone else involved.


Alan Cumming is a fantastic chewer of scenery, his King James essentially indistinguishable Blackadder character lol


This episode kind of bored me (aside from the Jordskott flashbacks). But Jesus Christ, Cumming’s performance is… something else.

Anyway, here’s Jodie Whittaker being gay:


wow this is everything i’d hoped this season was gonna be, thanks


Anyway, here’s Jodie Whittaker being gay:


I want to say it’s weird that in this season they’ve hopped between fucked up situations that the gang can’t change and those that they can with little clear cut distinction, but it’s totally not. That’s par for the course with Doctor Who.


This one at least is kind of vague about that. Like, they end up with an alternative explanation for what they already knew, leaving open the question as to whether they’d always interfered in this scenario or they just sort of got away with it this time. Which seems like a fair enough way to handle this sort of thing, when the details aren’t of real-world historical significance as in Montgomery.


With all the comparisons this year to Quantum Leap, has anyone anywhere brought up the Scott Bakula conspiracy? Like, for how long people have been trying to get him on the show, under various pretenses?

In 2005 Davies wanted to do a cross-over with Star Trek: Enterprise, as unlikely as that sounds, but the show got cancelled before he was able to enter discussions with Paramount. Later, Bakula was supposed to be in that god-awful cyborg cowboy episode in Smith’s last series. Instead they got the guy from Farscape.

Which I keep mixing up with Firefly.


which you should never do, Farscape is a far better show than new Doctor Who

Its full of horny australian muppets


Well, anything would be with that.


(Is that how we got Gritty?)


all australian muppets are horny

that said i’m curious now


It’s a lone american’s descent into australia’s puppet bdsm scene


gonna compare n contrast with Lift-Off and The Ferals, thanks for the heads up


Farscape is catty and has a lot of fun with itself, recc’d very highly


Really selling this here.


I genuinely love the show. It also handles ongoing plots better than most sci fi shows up to that point


i watched the first episode of Farscape once and it was utterly baffling, i bounced right off. Willing to give it another shot though!


Same, way back. Seemed campy, though, which I’m here to stand up for. I’m no stranger to farce caping.


The on going plot thing was so thick that as an occasional drop in viewer, it seemed like main character relationships would completely flip each time I caught it.

Beautifully designed show though! It’s no Lexxx.