Dope Box art


Yes, I don’t really see the resemblance personally (and even less once you look at other illustrations made for the game on segaretro for example) but I was saying that in the context of the previous message.





I’m sure they changed or added the laser at the last minute and it completely ruined perspective, I love it








For a second it looked as if there were a Mr. Do game that I had somehow missed as a kid. But apparently that’s just an alternate title for Mr. Do’s Castle, and I sure played that one a lot.


This game was not very fun but it had a memorable soundtrack.


Aw hell yeah that’s my game baby


Densha de go ryojouhen on ps2, which i knew had this cool box art, bc i own it. BUT i did not know about the PC box art until just now, which is incredible:

also here is the controller for this game which is also beautiful (is there a cool peripherals/controllers thread?)



that is a nice controller i like its fine faux wood accent. also where is the PSVR release, already?


i’m glad i’m not the only one who’s been looking into the densha de go games recently