Dope Box art



For a second it looked as if there were a Mr. Do game that I had somehow missed as a kid. But apparently that’s just an alternate title for Mr. Do’s Castle, and I sure played that one a lot.


This game was not very fun but it had a memorable soundtrack.


Aw hell yeah that’s my game baby


Densha de go ryojouhen on ps2, which i knew had this cool box art, bc i own it. BUT i did not know about the PC box art until just now, which is incredible:

also here is the controller for this game which is also beautiful (is there a cool peripherals/controllers thread?)



that is a nice controller i like its fine faux wood accent. also where is the PSVR release, already?


i’m glad i’m not the only one who’s been looking into the densha de go games recently











I’m playing this game right now and it’s great


damn I’ve never been sold so hard by the front of a box



In an alternate timeline, Cave ends up making snowboarding games forever somehow.


In case you don’t know because of the meetups Steep Slope Sliders is a cherished game in these parts.