doing an email newsletter about my art/research

hey y’all,

i am starting a (vaguely weekly-ish) email newsletter to give myself a space to find language for conceptual aspects of creativity and formalize what i piece together from my personal research. i think it will be necessary practice for me in actually finishing something as most of my creative output exists in the margins of the internet (deleted tumblr accounts, forum posts, a flickr account here and there) rather than in any tangible output.

it is something i am doing just to do it; i am not fussed at all about metrics of engagement so please feel no obligation to subscribe out of pity/support. if you are interested in knowing about what i’m sorting through, though, you are welcome to! i would love to have you along. looking to send out the first email around this coming weekend.

the link is here: some sort of output - by byron



aw hell yeah, i don’t check my email enough but i’m hype

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I hate email but if it’s from you, it’ll be worth it

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i genuinely appreciate the sentiments!

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I signed up and I’m excited!

Also I am now half considering making my own but it would just be a monthly collection of the various bullshits I do across multiple platforms.


Got the first newsletter! Thanks for sharing all this! I liked seeing Gran Turismo in the “Other Media” section :slight_smile:

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Absolutely stoked for this! :slight_smile:

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thank you for reading! your gt2 playthrough has been a real joy to keep up with and has definitely inspired me!

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Consider me subscribed! I really liked the first one you put out. That photo of clouds over mountains is beautiful.

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i’m honored! sarasota half in dream is actually on the mental list of research materials re: portrayal of and emotional connection to ~space~ that i’d like to dig through and think on.

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@moderators could i have this thread moved to the “output” category? realized i’d rather have this thread hang around. thank you!


I think you can move your own threads by clicking the pencil next to the thread title

Also @moderators doesn’t work but @ staff does, fyi

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much appreciated on multiple counts!!

Woah, high compliment! Thanks! If you ended up writing something about the film I’d love to read it.