Do you Grow Plants?

I mentioned in the fruit thread that I was so impressed with tamarillos on trying them for the first time that I wanted to try growing my own. So I ordered some seeds on eBay. Today, I am attempting to kick off their germination.

This is something I have not done since maybe second or third grade, when we folded seeds in damp rough brown school paper towels and left them in a drawer until roots emerged. The eBay seller recommended keeping these in a warm place, so I put them on my PS4. That will also help remind me to check on them.

I will post updates on the success or failure of my tamarillos.


Also, I posted a photo in the small things thread a few months ago of some flowers that I had planted in a pot outside (not from seeds, but it still counts). Here’s an update on those flowers. I guess I’m still proud of them.

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people i date like to give me plants for some reason

i have a little succulent thing in my bathroom and a cardamom ginger plant on my windowsill! i like to get a cup of water and share it with them


I’ve never been a gardening sort, but recently I moved into my own place which has a small lawn + garden and front garden. The heatwave that happened when I moved in turned the lawn into a barren brown wasteland, but a few weeks later it’s now a lush green overgrown jungle. I don’t own a lawnmower yet and it seems like a waste of money to get one since it’s like a 3m x 3m square of grass.

I try to water the plants every other day, but it feels like I’m struggling to keep them alive. I dunno what to do about the front yard, half the small plants are dead and there’s an irrigation system set up that I can’t be sure is actually working or not.

Maybe a reel mower would work for your yard. They are relatively inexpensive and more fun than a gas-powered lawn mower.

I once cut grass using a scythe. That was even more fun than a reel mower and very effective, if a little more time-consuming.


I’ve got a big aloe plant housed with a tomato trellis so it’s leaves aren’t fighting gravity as hard. And some other succulent that survived predation from my cat and has one particularly large leaf stretching away horizontally.

And one plastic succulent plant my mom gave me for Christmas last year. I don’t know why either.

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I would like to try to grow things on my balcony in spring time. Be it herbs or just flowers. I’m seven stories up so I don’t really know what I am doing but I will start researching in March.

Have you, like I, gone deep into Scythe Evangelist YouTube?


No, in fact (and I had to look this up just now) my scythe experience occurred about six years before the creation of YouTube.

I would use one again, though, if I had a reason and opportunity to.

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I spent yesterday gardening in the sun

Mostly just trying to clear grass out of garden beds and cleaning up dead shit, but it was still nice to get my fingers in the dirt

These crocuses came up early even for crocuses but that just makes me love them more. The heralds of spring!


When an ex of mine moved back to Argentina, she left me this plant. It was mostly brown and only had only one leaf, and it was really like half a leaf. This was back in 2016 or so. Weekly waterings over the past four years have brought this single vine back to life!


Pothos, thing’s indestructible

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these were the plants that my mom had in our apartment growing up, and i tried to swing on them like tarzan (there were two pots above the entertainment center, and the vines were like strung together in an upside down arch) which didnt work at all. i totally ripped them apart

but my mom wasnt even mad (for once)! she was basically like ‘i planned for this’ and pulled out like three other smalller pots, put the pieces i had ripped up in them and they grew just fine, i love those plants AND THANKS TO GARY AND DALENIXON I KNOW THE NAME AND IM GONNA GET SOME


Most of my tamarillo seeds are sprouting now. Does anyone know how much you are supposed to let seeds sprout before transferring them to dirt? I just realized that I have no idea. I don’t have any way to contact my elementary school teacher, nor do I even remember what class it was in that we did this.

Update: I have transferred the seeds to this thing:

There are sixteen spots and fifteen seeds, so I used the extra spot for a different seed that a neighbor randomly gave me a few weeks ago (something called “Pride of Barbados”).


I think this plant at work is also Pothos? It looks really really good for not getting very much water.

Three of the fifteen tamarillo sprouts have emerged from the dirt.

Update, four days later: That three is now thirteen. Since each one that survives will become an actual tree, I guess I will have to try to give most of them away. Today is the first time I’ve put them outside.


Two of my three neighboring cubes at work have live plants as of Valentine’s Day, so I decided to get one as well. Unfortunately, I am far from any windows. (I used to be under a skylight before we changed buildings about four years ago.)

I settled on a cactus that I will probably have to take home on the weekends to put out in the sun. If I end up being too lazy to do that or if it doesn’t seem to be doing well despite doing that then I will just keep it at home and maybe try some type of houseplant instead.

I also got some cucumber seeds today (two varieties). When my tamarillo plants become too large for the seed tray (very soon, I think), I will replace them with cucumbers.

Finally, I gave up on the Mort Garson seeds (which I certainly planted at the wrong time and also failed to water properly) and added a tropical milkweed plant to that pot (which is supposed to attract butterflies).


About six months ago, I cut and planted a prickly pear pad from a plant that was itself originally cut from another plant belonging to my sister. I keep it in a pot outside and it started sprouting some new parts this week.

In tamarillo news, I transferred my seedlings to slightly larger containers. But when I put them outside in the sun on Saturday, the wind broke most of them. Those ones now look dead, and the others are not looking so great. This may be a failed endeavor.

But all is not lost. I planted some cucumber seeds in the little seed tray, and those seem to be doing fine. I will soon move them outside. (Cucumbers grow very well where I live and I am planting them at the right time of year according to a guide that they had at the nursery.


My prickly pear has grown considerably since that last photo, but what I came here to share is my first pollinator (that I have noticed). I planted several things that are supposed to attract them, such as this milkweed plant. The flowers haven’t even opened yet, but maybe this is a good sign.