Disco Elysium

this hasn’t been nearly as bad after the first half hour btw

i was souring a little on the murder mystery plot but then (very incidental character detail) it turned out my partner kim was a reluctant pinball champ and i’m back on board. the systems and the art are consistently excellent and when the writing rubs me the wrong way there’s enough of it that i like that it tilts things towards the positive.

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how many points in ultraliberalism do you have felix

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I do have Kingdom of conscience as a talent (along with art cop, which gives you a negative modifier to one of your dex abilities, because your hands are always shaking with rage at bad art) but I haven’t unlocked the political compass or whatever yet

I rejected moralism for their preference to sacrifice the present on the altar of some uncertain future. I’m an apocalyptic sorry hobocop.

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I think the political dialogues/axis is a bit weaker. Unlike how attributes and their personalities feed into the Copotype axis (Electrochemical’s urges and Composure’s style feed into Supercop, Empathy leads to Sorry Cop, etc.), and you find yourself roleplaying along with your personalities into situations, the political dialogues all exist in IDEOLOGICAL WARFARE and aren’t well-mapped to personalities. Like, I don’t think anyone really picks up Ultraliberal points because the people in this game literally worship a market god and it’s made very clear how odd this is.

It’s too easy to bow out of these discussions and evince no opinion, rather than being led into one by what you are. Or, it’s not something that interacts with your other character traits (except in a few mappings, like Authority->Fascist) and so feels like a side-system.

Of course, the game very purposely seems to exhibit a cynic’s view - ideologues are doomed to failure and the world is crumbling in a soft entropy, so it may be fitting that picking up a political leaning is an option and not necessarily an optimal one. It’s a choice and not a reflection.

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Reading this thread makes me think there’s like a giant conspiracy to just make shit up about this game to befuddle people who haven’t played it


I became a hardcore feminist in this game and I was excited about that, but then I passed an extremely unlikely check to find a secret note from an ex lover that caused me to permanently die :neutral_face:


relatable though


Yeah I beat this game. I think I got a pretty normal ending despite my attempts to play a “weird” build. Anyway I thought the game was wicked and couldn’t wait to start a new playthrough, but then was let down when I realised the game didn’t diverge as much as I thought. There are for sure some shortcuts you can take and bonus scenes to see, but otherwise the game plays out the same way. I was really hoping to be able to pull off some gotchas, especially when finding the bullet. Still, this indie rpg still did more than most AAA games.

I was wondering how many different ways the game could of really gone, I was impressed I was able to make it through the whole game without shattering the magical spell. it does the job of tricking you the first time through pretty well at least then

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Been feeling uninspired so splurged and bought this kinda hoping I’d hate it and it would get my angry creative juicies flowing but no I spent 40 minutes playing it and greatly enjoyed that time. Enjoyed it so much I felt good about making video games. Enjoyed it so much I bet I never touch it again – I’m complicated!!

I stopped after hitting this cuz I realized I’m obligated to “internalize” that huh

Also cuz there are too many bits that sound too much like my internal monologue and I am not sure I’m comfortable with that.


I deeply feel this

the closer something feels to a thing I’ve been working on in my head, the more perfect it is, the more I feel like I know it and playing through would start to destroy it


this usually ends with me loathing the work in question, both my own version and the one I’m encountering


oh, indeed

condescension wrapped around insecurity

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i think the two of you really need to chill out a little? :neutral_face:

I really like what I’ve seen of this game, but I’m currently too depressed to focus on it. will return to it when I feel better, maybe.

I am approaching the afternoon of Day 3, and I would advise anyone hoping to purchase a boom box at the pawn shop save their game before doing so, because the conversation has a bug which may cause the option to disappear.

oh I’m not saying I loathe this game, I haven’t played it yet and this thread has finally sold me on it. I was just responding to the mood busted described

Oh definitely, the game is excellent and extremely entertaining.

I’m working through thoughts about how they organized their systems and how it effects the roleplaying and I definitely have critiques but it doesn’t really matter next to the world, the art, the mood, and how many times I’ve laughed. I’ve taken a dozen shots of fantastic text boxes.

However good this is it won’t be better than DDD