Disco Elysium

Comes out tomorrow, apparently? But it sounds like selected streamers have already played the full game. Anyway here’s a thread because that preview write-up in the news thread suggests that I’m gonna want to read all of your takes, assuming I don’t just start playing myself.

mega pumped

pending KRZ and UFO this is the last exciting release of an extraordinarily packed year

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interested to see how this one is

Yeah, I’m very curious. If it’s legit leftist in a cool and well-considered way then that’ll boost my interest.

eagerly anticipating being the world’s biggest fuckup

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not sure what the context for this sentiment is but upon taking a look uh


steam forums already having conniptions about this, good sign




wait until you get to measurehead’s racial theory.

anyway, the game is legit leftist because it’s actually written by people who have had first-hand experience of growing up in a socialist country and have breathed its cultural milieu (particularly Soviet scifi), not some Americans who read and fantasize about it in their undergrad.

besides, they self-censored themselves already on the advice of some consultants (rape jokes etc).


oh dear

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That’s an oh dear from me too. The idea of a CRPG influenced by soviet sci-fi sounds great, but if they needed a consultant to tell them not to do rape jokes, that really does not bode well.

Reviews are being aggregated in this reddit thread. From what I’m reading, it feels like they’re going for a cynical-yet-manic-noir, where their fictional post-war setting is rife with competing ideologies, and each one has its own flavor of drawbacks. There’s a real danger of this just turning into South Park’s “trying to change the status quo is the mistake” type of apathy, and exhibiting ideological extremism mainly so you can make jokes at its expense is kind of a bad look when you remember how often people celebrate art for endorsing positions that the artist was actually trying to criticize.

I would definitely need a consultant to tell me not to ruin any product I was hoping to actually sell


at 35 quid i’m gonna wait on this, cautiously optimistic though

Yeah, despite my reservations I am absolutely gonna give them the chance to succeed or fail on their own merits. Everything about their mechanical implementation is my jam; I’m looking forward to trying this tonight.

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well at least they’re anxious about putting the insensitive hat in the game

because an anxious insensitivity is just so much better than one without anxiety

goddammit the hoodlums put out the pirated rip, they like to never put out the patches to games so I still never got go back to control to upgrade the pierce gun or figure out what the deal with the furnace was


so the game is completely hilarious, in the first half hour I’ve encountered the funniest roleplaying-a-drunk dialogue trees I’ve ever read, at one point I failed a skill check to come up with a name because I couldn’t remember what mine was and the failure result was “raphel aloysius costeau,” which I now have to tell people is my real name even though it sounds made up and all my anxieties are constantly chiming it to tell me that my name sounds made up

I also encountered a totally unnecessary (censored) slur and insinuation of sexual violence, both of which could absolutely have been excised from the script losing nothing


also the engine is really luxuriant, for what is basically an adventure game with extremely complex roleplaying mechanics it all feels great to work through

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I had a heart attack reaching up towards a ceiling fan and died cause I set my physical stat to 1 and had to restart


this should be like a double feature with pathologic 2 of deeply Slavic games

I definitely don’t think any perceived nihilism is strictly performative, they’re very invested in representing a real world. Occasionally it’s regrettable, their editor probably should’ve been about 10% more effective, I’m not sure how much I’d enjoy spending time with these people, but getting a role playing videogame from whole cloth like this sure is something.

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