Did anyone watch The Man in the High Castle?


I watched it and enjoyed it. I wish there were more crazy setpieces like the first episode’s Nazi-fied New York City and the last episode’s fully idealized Nazi Berlin.

I wanna talk about it!

The part I especially enjoyed was Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (aka SHANG TSUNG from the Mortal Kombat movie) as Trade MInister of the Japanese owned-San Francisco and West Coast of America. I pretty much started watching the show after reading this AV Club interview with him. I loved every time he and the West Coast Nazi Obergruppenführer John Smith was on screen.

Man, Obergruppenfuhrer is a fun word to say.


I want to watch this! I don’t have Amazon Prime though. Do I need Amazon Prime to watch this? Maybe I’ll torrent it.


I watched the first five episodes and I thought it was alright, but I never got around to finishing it.

I did enjoy that interview, though.


Play Nu-Wolfenstein instead


Cuba have you even read the book? Has anyone read the book?

I read the book once. It’s a pretty good book.


I have also read the book, and I liked it a lot better than the show.


I read the book as I went through a period where I was interested in historical counterfactuals and since it technically deals with an alternate history it was recommended to me. It… basically fails as a counterfactual as it really wasn’t trying to do that at all, but as a novel I thought it was fairly swell.

I should go see if any decent counterfactuals have come out in the years since I stopped looking.


If you find any, tell me about them! I enjoyed the show mainly because of the alt. history premise.

Father Torque, what’s the premise of Nu-Wolfenstein? I am terrible/dislike FPSes though.


Nu-Wolf takes place in an alternate 1960s where the Nazis conquered the world. It’s probably the best purely singleplayer FPS to come out in a decade.


I watched about half of it. It suffers from being a streaming-site video series: weird lighting and set design, not-great acting.

I feel like they dropped the ball on PKD’s “everyone is hiding something/is not as they seem” theme, only really including it in some plot point. Like, the first episode ends with “hey look this guy’s a Nazi spy lol omg”.

I don’t feel like finishing it, life’s too short for average media.


I generally ended up drifting towards the essays seriously examining how things could have went differently (if you can find the What If? books anymore they generally offer a decent collection of these at discount bin prices) rather than the outright literature ones, but if I stumble across any I’ll make sure to mention them here somewhere.


Yeah, I didn’t really get that from the main characters at all but I felt the side characters had elements of it. Maybe the second season will do it better?

I enjoyed seeing so many Asians in a show. There were more than 2! That’s crazy!! Also they were mostly respectful/accurate to their source! It’s impressive!

I was kinda jarred when the Princess of Japan told the Trade Minister off for believing in the I Ching as Chinese mumbojumbo, but I guess in the alt. history world where Japan owns most of Asia, Chinese mythology would be third rate garbage.


wais fom yo gwave!

So, i was right in remembering that there has been a thread specifically for TMITHC. Well, did anyone, in the mean time, continue to watch this?

I had some free time and needed some background entertainment, so i watched one or two episodes a day, a finished season 3 yesterday.
i… do have some thoughts about it, but wanted to check if anybody even watched the show.

I still feel uneasy seeing the greater nazi reich people doing the greeting gesture, but that’s probably why the show doesn’t do away with it, and tbh, all the symbols and setpieces for the nazis manage to keep being creepy, even after 30ish episodes, that’s not an easy feat, i’d say.


I watched the first season and liked it, but the pacing got pretty strange in the second and I put it down somewhere in there.


well, the third season has imo even more janky pacing, and some weird plot decisions that also cause some of that, so i cannot recommend picking it up again if you don’t absolutely love the setting to make it worth watching.


I am watching the third season right now.


report back when/if done!


Ok I finished it.

It’s probably the best season so far. though I haven’t watched the others since they were first released. The pacing is better and they’ve tried to address some of the more boring character. Though I feel it worked better when the real life Nazis were off screen.

Kido is still the best character.


yeah, i’d love to think that they realized somewhere in season 1 that kido was a great asset to the show, and gave his character more chances to shine from season 2 onwards.

i am still a bit on the fence about a certain plot arc tbh, spoilerz below:

idk why they decided to take away from the titular man in the high castle by making him some kind of sham that faked some of the movies, by suddenly introducing a faux cut he made.
aside from providing some superfluous plotpoint to move along in him getting caught, it didn’t really serve a specific reason?
or maybe i am expecting too much…


I agree.

I did like the that it is acknowledged in universe that the idea of invading another reality is a stupid nonstarter - even if it was done as a BIG season finale