destiny thread


But there’s always more Souls to scarf down!


Well yes, but grinding is boring


Is it? It felt like it had steep and immediate drop off in interest within 3-6 months and then I never saw anyone mention it again, which isn’t a good sign for this kind of game.


Yeah, the publisher zeitgeist is, for the foreseeable future, ‘shared multiplayer shooters’


I wish it was “games that are fun to play”

“Worth the money” is another good one


There is general gamer hype for the division 2 despite all odds.

I got in a fight with my fpsbros over how much I didn’t like it.


the division is horrific dogshit


Yeah I played it a little bit after it supposedly got good with all the updates and it still sucked in my opinion. I don’t get the hype for 2 either…




How to fix gambit:

one round
epilogue where winning team is all teleported into losing team’s map and it’s elimination for either saving face or complete victory


like titanfall, kind of


i’m almost 650 and have no idea why i have bothered to do this

haven’t even finished unlocking the second forge


To be honest, I don’t even know how I’m supposed to unlock it


Kill Fallen until they drop a doodad. It’ll point you to the rest. It’s a fairly long quest chain but you can knock it out in an hour or two.

For real though, bring Riskrunner to the actual forge once you get in


If it makes y’all feel better the quest for TLW is 650 and starts Tuesday.


Every bounty you pick up and keep through the season change will be 650, or something? I dunno I was tired when I read it


Yeah it’s streamer power leveling protection, you used to be able to stockpile completed powerful gear bounties in your inventory and then cash them in at expansion launch for higher level powerful gear

Now if you turn them in after expansion launch, they’ll be maxed at 650 power so you can’t use them to boost ahead


they BUFFED Telesto

those madmen




I guess it’s just what the dart landed on, at this point


the new void warlock super got nerfed out of existence, i guess we were due for one of those