destiny thread


that you have to do stale stuff you’ve already rinsed to death first, yeah


You never had to do the new content to get power level gains, but you had something new to do to get power level gains.

Now you have to do a bunch of old shit you’re tired of doing to get to 620-630 for Black Armory to even be viable, and then presumably over the rollout of each forge, you will get enough powerful gear boosts to get up to 640 to be raid ready.


I’m just glad there’s something new to do/get, I haven’t played since I hit 600 about a month and a half ago


i’ve still not got 1k voices

still paying for getting mythoclast on my first vog hard clear


well, lunafactions finally dropped for me today at least




Sure sounds like some patch a month from now will have ramp up content for people who missed out on Horror Story and are trapped in the 550s, but people at 580-ish would probably just get to 605 power by grinding in the amount of time it’s going to take for this to ship.


Man, not feeling bad about holding off for a bit now.


I still miss you fine people though.


Got the meatball with randos and we lost

I even wiped the whole damn team



booji we still want to run the raid lairs with you sometime! rye and I still haven’t done them (I think T has?)


only done the first one, and that one only once all the way through. did it with booji some even lol

we could use you for last wish too, not just new stuff!


Cool, we can do that sometime soonish, maybe?


there will be some grind between you and that if you haven’t started forsaken yet, though it’ll be comfortable enough compared to going for the new new stuff i reckon


I mean, I gotta pick up forsaken first, so it’s gonna be a bit, especially with Smash and the holidays and shit ahhhh.


The physical “collection” is $25 on Amazon right now.

I’d doubt that the DLC will be discounted farther than $30 but they might discount the bundle with the annual pass thrown in?


Yeah, I am debating it coming up tomorrow (i.e. when I kinda have money again), but I also know I have so minimal time right now.


Baking cookies from your dead enemies and giving them to others in exchange for rewards

Also a sleigh sparrow and snowball ghost


what happened to slayerage? i remember him being pretty quiet and doing ridiculous shit like soloing the siege engine

checked in on him a couple of times recently, saw him struggling to go positive in quickplay and shrieking about “beta cucks” whenever he died and some kind of meltdown about a non-streamer getting 650 first


everything went downhill after he revealed his face