destiny dew™


this was cute yeah


I love the Thunderlord, it’s great


if you pair it with some armour that has ‘heavy lifting’ you build super ridiculously quick

nice hanging out with @BLUE_BLACK_PURPLE yesterday!!!


Oh yeah, we did some of the referral quests and it was wild. I couldn’t keep up! How do you do that skating, it’s awesome. And @idiot rules at pvp too. Always first place. I felt like a shrimp but it was cool. Thank you for your time and tips and tricks. D2 is pretty fun when you’ve got friends…

Next week we gotta finish, I’m almost lvl 50


titans have the exotic “lion rampant” that makes their jump better, that + a ‘press jump every 25ms’ macro works pretty well, warlock also has some movement tricks but nothing quite as good


We’re gonna be raiding later, anyone know if any of the raid weapons are any good this time? (aside from 1k Voices)


We killed Kalli. And then I glitched the encounter. Weeeee.


it was awesome


So nice to see this!

I mean sucks about the glitch I guess if you missed out on something but it looks like you got the loot?


nah, closest it gets is the handcannon curated roll with outlaw and dragonfly but it’s energy and obviously not worth running over ikelos sg

the armour set can roll enhanced perks at least

my last run i just got three of the (awful) rocket launcher, reminded me of normal vog loot




Just have grandma and grandpa join your fireteam.


Any PC folks interested in raids, old or new? I have three + 1 maybe I can drum up on weekends.

Really I’d just like to reclaim the slot on my pursuits tab for Legend of Acrius.


yep, unless you want to go in totally blind


No, we’d definitely appreciate a learned hand! (My regular fireteam is me, my partner, and my brother.)

Maybe @BLUE_BLACK_PURPLE or @Iammadmak would like to meet our large emperor son?


Oh, I’m in!


I would love to but my windows install is still messed, so I will update when it is fixed


I got the Malfeasance drop!


welcome to the cool club :sunglasses:


congrats, you’re free from gambit (for now)

i really hope the gambit prestige weapon sucks lol