destiny dew™


it’s still free on PC for a week?


It doesn’t but good job getting it on PC because I tried paying it with a DS4 for a day and when I switched to keyboard and mouse again it was like going from almost fully paralyzed to being able to move again. I really gave it a fair shake and man…


I think it’s Free to Play permanently now.


The game is sort of tedious and an acquired taste, I have to admit. It feels good to pull the trigger and that’s about it. The AI is terrible as is the enemy variety. But yeah all those weapons are fun to try out and get!

I hope you’ll stick around so we can make a PC squad. What’s your battle tag?


The AI is my fault. I played dozens of hours of Gruntpocalypse in Halo Reach. The game is now about how lethal you can be with the fewest mistakes. I’m sorry.

Go Figure w/ outlaw + rampage just chewing through ads y’all


It’s pretty wild how the entire game is nothing but guns and the things you shoot, and they phoned in the things you shoot.

I wouldn’t even say any of these enemies are as smart as a Halo Reach elite, which like, shouldn’t they all be at least that smart? Unless they want us to only massacre grunts a la ODST?

Feels like they got the grunt thing down, but never decided to add in any squad leader types that aren’t just bullet sponge grunts.


The Taken enemy variants actually have abilities that you need to work around, but they’re mostly spatial control attacks like fireballs in a 2D fighter.

I really like the various shield/crit areas but it’s so lock/key.

The Scorn (new enemy type in Forsaken) are the first new enemy type added since the Taken (which may or may not count for you). They have more interesting captain-types that deploy tethers and buffs.


nah, on pc the base game is only free until the 18th. whether or not they make it free again later on is anyone’s guess!


yeah they hid all the interesting enemies in the raids

you might like pvp


I believe this is indeed a change in design; they favor clear communication of enemy behavior and so don’t give them many behaviors. They have more factions and players also have to juggle human coordination so I believe they’re lowering the amount of thinking needed to play against these characters to make brain cycle space.


I can’t imagine how infuriating raids would be, having to deal with five other humans, convoluted raid mechanics AND every trash grunt mob having complicated AI


I can imagine it working real nice, in a Halo kind of way, if raids were just like four fireteams working in concert to carve through rooms of dynamic enemies with complex AI, rather than it being like, just strafe in one direction and jump while killing targets in two hits.

They really should’ve put the emphasis on teamwork - flanking, distracting, two-pronged attacks, etc - and played up the “we’re a team of super soldiers” angle. It’s strange to go from tactical-lite shooter like Reach and turn it into a Serious Sam.

Surprised there isn’t more stuff like the shields in Halo, where you’d need to use different kind of effects to counter different defenses - say, shields that couldn’t be broken without an EMP or a melee, or something like the jackals, where you have to shoot them in an exposed area to make them flinch and open up a headshot. Stuff that would stop your forward momentum and require you to think up some kind of brief little plan of attack.

Ah well, it is what it is. I don’t think I’ve fought a boss yet, so I’m interested to see what that looks like.


there honestly is an awful lot of stuff like that when you start doing the high-level shit. the campaign and all the day-to-day grind activities are intended to be as easy as leveling up in ffxiv or whatever, which is trivial, and then much of the real content is past that— it really is mmo-esque in structure in some senses. even all the existing enemy types that you don’t find interesting now can become remarkable in more challenging stuff, which there’s really a lot of in the game now, even besides raids

i also do really think that the experience of getting buds and figuring out and completing the raids in particular is kind of a peerless vidcon experience and it’s probably better and more interesting than you imagine

the campaign and lighter stuff absolutely isn’t halo and that is too bad but it also wasn’t intended to be


escalation protocol reminds me of halo a bunch but that might just be down to the huge open space, really hope they do more of that stuff

i just put some time into relearning titan skating and it’s still the best shit




the pallete for ep is a big part of it’s appeal for me, blind well just looks kind of dull in comparison (it’s also just in a really big room vs being out in a large zone)

only problem with ep is half the time i wouldn’t want to be doing it (since i was well below LL) but people would keep activating it in the zone i was in


The Thunderlord quest completion mission is literally a remake of the first playable Destiny 1 demo. Sounds like Thunderlord is pretty dope too.


Oh thunderlord is real good, first exotic that’s superior to its d1 incarnation


time to play something else


My buddy and I hit 20, went through a few story missions on Io, and I think we’re gonna call it. New enemy types (“goblins”) are near identical to the last two, boss was a bullet sponge, etc.

Was heartened to see hoverbikes though! Wonder if they added tanks and such later on.