destiny dew™


it’s tripe yeah, it just breaks the level progression completely if you’re nowhere near 600 yet

enjoyed the raid but would rank it below wrath and vog, feel like wrath is probably the ‘sweet spot’ in terms of mechanical complexity, how long it takes to beat the thing, everyone having to do something other than ad clear or dps in most encounters etc.


rye and I got our Horror Story this afternoon. Haunted Forest event feels like it was a resounding success, and delivered on the missed opportunity of the Infinite Forest from back in Curse of Osiris. Kinda wish this was a permanent fixture of the game instead of a seasonal event, but it’s easy to see Bungie saying Gambit, Escalation Protocol, and Blind Well are meant to be the evergreen casual co-op PvE activities, and that adding another permanently would just be too much or something.

Jumped up about 10 points from getting the gun to mid-530s, so I should probably get the damn Dreaming City unlocked at some point

edit: oh yeah, Gambit is in 2x-3x infamy mode this week and I am chasing after that Truth hand cannon, so expect to see me grinding there throughout the week on PS4


I got to 600 a few days ago and now I feel like there isn’t anything left to do

been replaying FF15 in the meantime


I just got to the softcap of S1 and I feel the same.


what did you think of last wish?

i’ve run it a couple of times now at the appropriate light and the encounters that aren’t riven are possibly the easiest yet with plenty of room for a hard mode, then you get to riven and it’s far more convoluted than oryx
of course, this fight has a cheese so you don’t have to deal with any of the mechanics so it’s one of those ‘do it legit once, never again’ things but… very uneven

whenever i think about destiny raids much i want to play vog again


what’s the cheese?


have everyone go crystal side first, if she’s there dps with cluster bomb rockets just like calus in vanilla

if not there’s a particular part of the wall you can stand against that’ll port everyone to trees side with a joining allies prompt, then you do the same


has anyone got any year 2 exotics yet?


The random ones? Nah


I got two armor pieces, Sixth Coyote and Shards of Galanor. My regular crew got Antaeus Wards and Cerberus+1 or one each.


i want one eyed mask before trials comes back innit, thing is comically overpowered


my boys got new sword and the new laser beam. nothing for me

i almost wouldn’t mind the drop rate— i did think it was kind of silly when everyone had every exotic two weeks into d2– but duplicate protection would be real welcome


Next patch!


Not a one

Much like the new infusion requirements I really think they over corrected on this one


i have had some quest exotic dupes drop randomly


I’ve got lord of wolves, two-tailed fox, chromatic fire, phoenix protocol, and geomag stabilizers. I don’t know what I did to deserve this.


i did get a perfectly rolled dust rock first time running the farm, can’t complain too much

a pal got nu-fatebringer first time she did the raid, fucked up



Did you get the cat ghost from Tess, she’s selling it!


Thanks for the reminder, I forgot about that, I am downloading the patch right now