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A couple of Dark Souls 2 Boss updates

Ruined Sentinel

You start out up on a ledge

There are actually 3 of these things. If you wait too long, the others will jump up here.

They are pretty tall and the way they look makes me feel like they are aliens

This one is happy for me

This can be a tough fight, if you don’t take them down one by one.

That’s up where you drop in


The Last Giant

I hired some NPC help for this one. Because I’m lazy.

He’s got an intro cinematic

He’s quite tall

When he gets low enough in health, he decides its clobberin’ time and rips his own arm off. To use as a club.

I guess I’m out of the frame

You can get a good look here, at some of the stuff impaling his body

Beard Souls


I might have lost my screenshots of Belfry Gargoyles.


Thanks to Recuva, I was able to recover some of my gargoyle pics. That program has saved me many times over the years.

Hired help again

I dunno how many there are total in this fight. But it felt like 5.

Wait, lemme get ready first.

Pretty good shot for some texture details

gettin crowded

They can breathe fire

Double hitter


Thankee sai, been going warm dither and not so fuzzy. Still can’t get windowed fullscreen to do anything differently, so 7x windowed is good enough and the largest where shaders still appear “properly”.

Also kinda flirting more with SABR, I usually stick with nearest texture filtering but the cinematics in this tend to get up close and look more painterly with it, so…not bad! Probably post some comparison shots later on.



The bad translation and wonky animations (and slow voice acted cutscenes you can’t lineskip through) wouldn’t be dealbreakers but aye yi yi yeah this framerate is psychotic. I had to laugh at the chutzpah of the first sidequest involving some extremely janky MMO style jumping physics to get on top of a flagpole to increase my rep with the beggars faction.

The first boss really took a while, I used an insane amount of healing items. That coupled with me not even getting close to the time based battle conditions make me wonder what i’m doing wrong. It just takes forever to do anything due to the framerate to begin with, switching characters, roles, etc. Very odd game but I can see some charm.




So…seems like Dark Souls 3 may have taken place before Dark Souls 2?


I’m not sure Ringed City takes place concurrently with overall DS3. Isn’t it in some weird space-time flux and the real Ringed City is actually what you see it being when you fight Gael?


“later immortalized in a fable” still sounds like the past


the continuity might be a bit jumbled generally. iirc their development cycles partially overlapped, and i know there were some people like Kay Plays speculating right off the bat about 3 being set earlier, since it references things that are supposed to have been long forgotten in 2.

what threw me off was identifying the sentinels as golems, which are already a specific thing in DS2 (lorewise and mechanically), when they were originally characterised as non-corporeal entities, somehow inhabiting suits of armour without much further explanation. it rings overall of trying to “fix” DS2 by attaching these weird innocuous loose ends to some epic backstory of ultimate sacrifice


I mean, the DS2 description sounds like a golem to me?

The bit about them being immortalized in a fable, for some Dark Soul hunters; seems a little harrowing. But it also says they swore themselves to the Judicator Giant. And there was a war with Drangleic and giants. So, maybe the Lost Bastille jailer like their story at the Ringed City and based his “creation” on them.


it does use that specific term on the soul description i think.

i don’t know, it’s very hard for me to break out of the idea that dark souls 2 just exists in its own separate continuity bubble; attempts to make it “fit” into something larger feel ingenuine. like the creatures known as “giants” in the other games appear totally distinct from the hole-faced tree giants featured so prominently in 2, and the only time i can think of those being referenced outside it is the seed pvp item near 3’s Firelink.

i wouldn’t say there’s anything inherently wrong with adding or even replacing elements of backstory later, but it’s only convincing to me if it somehow informs how i look at the game: who are these characters? how do they look and animate; what are they doing here; what can the surrounding environment tell me about how things came to be? DS2 already seems to resist so much of my efforts to read into it that i don’t think any amount of post hoc supplements are going to do much to reframe it.

i realise i’m going on a far tangent from a pretty trivial observation, and i’m kinda too tired to properly reflect on what i wrote, but i thought it epitomised a lot of my mixed feelings about the games.

i do like the design of these guys a lot. only wish donning the armour set elongated your body proportions the way the xanthous crown appears to do for your neck



Forgot about the ladder but clenched buttcheeks real tight so its ok


Which play re:(station1)?

Awesome, such a gorgeous game

It’s so cool that they had the idea to fake that rim of light from a backlight. Now we’d have the technology to do it (I think?) but we still don’t see it. Maybe with ray tracing


I think we’ve got all we need to do rim lighting properly; specular highlights show up strongest on oblique angles so things like Mario Galaxy’s slather of rim lighting are cheap/stylized ways to approximate a light shining near-parallel to an object surface when appropriately lit (the Mario technique basically forces oblique-to-camera angles to go to white). And it compounds with contrast between a dark background that our eyes are always working to pick out.

The only reason you don’t see it more often is that lighting artists just don’t set scenes up to cause it, and it’s more subtle when done realistically.

Sure looks lovely when faked like this, though. I wonder why this lighting style was absent entirely from FFXII.


True, Mario Galaxy comes to mind. It’s funny that lighting artists don’t set up scenes like that because that three point light setup is the first thing you learn in lighting for photography. I like to use it for certain renders, too. Maybe it just gives off too much of photographer’s studio look and developers want something more “realistic”. I personally prefer artistic to realistic in art but I’m probably in the minority with that