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This is my birdfriend from Ys 8: Lacrimosa of Dana. I used to have an African Grey named Clarence until late in my teenage years, so this was a pleasant surprise.

Also I saved this one bit of dialogue from way late in the game as proof that eventually it does go full jrpg.


I have an ATI, so I use Direct3D 11 (it tells me not to use OpenGL).

No HW hacks are actually enabled. I think I used the same settings in Kuzunoha Raidou with no issues. @anothersphere might be the better person to ask for that game.


Early on playing Raidou 1, I was using PCSX2 1.4. Before long, I switched to one of the frequently updated dev builds: pcsx2-v1.5.0-dev-2448-gd09737dbb-windows-x86

I messed around a lot between OpenGL and Direct3d11, but ultimately DX had unavoidable graphical glitches with certain prerendered background layers (like you mentioned), so I stuck with tweaking the former.

The settings available here may not quite match yours, depending on your version. Also I guess it’s worth noting I use a moderately powered laptop that barely hiccups pushing this to a 4k set. Use OpenGL HW, then scale down resolution and other resource consuming hacks if you have framerate or general performance issues. Just sharing the whole set (short of shader bs) as I got it looking on those shots.


If anything it’s been wild to see the slow, yet undeniably frightening growth of Adol’s strength and determination over the years.

Ys 1: Adol fights and defeats an evil sorcerer bent on conquest of Esteria.
Ys 2: Adol fights and defeats an embodiment of evil thrust into the world by abuse of magic.
Ys 3: Adol fights and defeats the entrenched monarchical structure of power in Felghana and gains control of the elements.

Ys 7: Adol learns to draw strength from the very Earth itself and harnesses its power to restore balance to the planet’s lifestream.
Ys 8: Adol befriends and fights alongside a warrior priestess from the past to defeat the concept of Evolution and alter the course of history, triggering her ascent to godhood, then goes on to defeat the Progenitor of Life Itself just so that he and his castaway friends can say goodbye to her.

At this point I am genuinely scared of Adol, as the only thing stopping him from becoming the greatest conqueror ever known is that he’s a mute, soft, cuddly and pure hyper-competent adventure-boy.



Playing around with costumes in the post game. JJJ actually rants about the punk one if you use it for a while.



Watching a testicleface bat demon and a breast mouth demon have a conversation is pretty hilarious.


Dare You Enter My Magical Realm?



Damn I’m Rie, Emi, and Hajime’s ideal guy. Put in a good word for me, OK?


when you guess emi’s phone number correctly they say “let’s go watch wrestling together!”



Hey kid wnana buy a wooden bear


Yakuza Kiwami 2 is absolutely gorgeous!


Phantasy Star 2



LA Noire.

State of Mind.


LA Noire.


Demon’s Souls.