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a couple years ago my friend moved to a small town near here called cumberland and I’m told that one of the oldest buildings in town is the old cumberland hotel or, as the locals affectionately call it, the cum ho


It is pretty weird that an old hotel in Canada would be named after Korean tires


♫ I like coffee and I like tea, but lp-suiko1157





Sorry folks, @Rudie told me about this thread and now I gotta post. I’m a sucker for games with good photo modes (I dunno how much of my PS4 hard drive is just Assassin’s Creed Origins photos), so, hey, here’s a few.

(Too bad about the artifacts on that logo)



Witcher 3 - Round 2




Hell yeah. I was tempted to DigDevSag after Raidou Stylin On Em. Vol. 1.


It’s been like, 13 years since I last legit played it, figured it was time. I had to go watch a speed run to remember the stupid Harley Q wall puzzle because the random battles in-between kept throwing me off. It seems to widescreen well – the FMVs don’t look too great, but the in-game graphics, and especially the event scenes, look nice.

I really dislike Sera, though. Just everything about her.

Sounds good to me!


Since I’m the boss of the tribe, I got to make sure I creep on people as frequently as possible. Like this guy. Just creepin’ on him. Get back to work! ♫ So I creep, yeah, just keep it on the down low nobody is supposed to know ♫


It takes too damn long to transfer 4K screenshots to USB (that just get compressed anyway), so I’m just gonna stick with these Twitter uploads.

Edit: might be worth noting that those rockets have a lot of technical writing on them, with the last line being something along the lines of “Designed to kill spiders”


What renderer are you using? I get some really lame glitches in the outside world in Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army unless I use the software renderer which looks horrible on my monitor.