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Buncha No Man’s Sky shots from a year ago. Apparently the two weeks where I played it fell into a build where the PS4 version had no clouds or atmosphere effects. The last screenshot is from yesterday, where after the updates I found my ship had no wings anymore (but gained some hideous detailing).


Many adventures with demon ride, oh

But you better look BOTH ways

Chernobog has the best face.


Majin Tensei has my favorite title screen + name entry screen.
0)013 majten_name


Quick Questions XIII: Answers Return



Carl Benz should have been a boss in those games.
Well, maybe not a boss exactly because that would make a vaguely pro-traditionalist position and I don’t really remember the story? I just want more games set around the turn of the century dammit


[not actually my screenshot but too good not to post]



The curve is a bit overkill, but I really like how SMT looks with this black and white CRT filter. Kind of gives it a bit of a strange or spooky feel in some parts.






But…that is a bird!


this game is so great


Just wait for the ending…!


It’s got one of the best, for sure.

I’ve watched or listened to the final boss and everything after so many times.

A lot of haunting scenes and commentary in Illusion of G/T, not only for its era (and Zelda-likeness), even more so for a very young player. Everyone remembers the pig but history’s mysteries and…all those depictions of innocence lost. Damn.

I suddenly want it and TN mashed together with Eternal Darkness and whatever other history spanning mythfests are out there. Probably a good vein of games.

Guess I should also play Soulblazer.


No kidding.

“Never forget, this is happening everywhere.”


I wanted to play Romancing SaGa 3 (mostly because I’m in love with Ellen’s design), but…

Not like this. It’s a Square RPG, the writing isn’t going to be stellar, but I’m not at the age anymore where I can justify spending 40+ hours playing a machine-translated J-RPG. I will wait for the remake, I suppose.





What year did this come out?