Demonstrating Worth, 2016 - 20??

Making a new guitar, progress to be recorded up in here. Been wanting a pure neck pickup machine

Is a take on the late '50s Fender Musicmaster

with a bunch of tweaks and personal firsts I’m curious about:

  • A sort of bastard ‘short scale’ baritone, 19 frets only
  • Solid sitka spruce bod, good weight to stiffness ratio
  • Rock maple neck, 3-part laminate; sunk bolt-on, contoured as severley as it can be
  • Zexcoil noisless at the neck
  • Dual action truss
  • Roller nut and bridge, Sperzel lock tuners
  • Whole thing in dirty white, including the neck and board





I’ve got a '60s Fender Musicmaster. It’s what I learned to play on.

Aight lesgeddit fam

This a two piece slab of sitka spruce

This is a slab of spruce with a template slapped on it

Weighs about 8lb, will be rather less after all the chopping and sanding which begins


Those edges need to be flat before any radiusing
A wild floor sander appears
It is bent to my service

We can do better than that really but not today


Is all the hardware black like the picture? Anyway keep going, I wanna see/hear short scale baritone.

It will be

All my other axes have gold, thought I’d try another look

godspeed brooks

“Speed” hah

Mild progress - radius routing done, first bits of contouring work:

Body cleared for time being, next is neck


are you just eyeballing and sanding the contour or do you have some stencil and weird saw deal

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The radiusing was done with a powered half-inch router bit but the contouring (just adapting the Strat’s ones) is freehand. Won’t conclude that section 'til the neck’s done and on and I have a clearer idea of where it’s going to most irritatingly knock into mine own corpse

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omg this is so cool. I’m interested

So yeah, a plank of rock/hard/sugar maple

Sliced twice, centre flipped and reglued for extra stiffness

So stiff right now

Hastily pasted template, only the outline is actually crucial

Should’ve rejointed the board prior but fuck it


And now I better sand the thing but oh shit son


Get yer fukken AR-15s boys

Gettin jiggy widdit

A strong rod

(Rod shimmed in, no shot)

Fretboard glued and clamped

Better actually buy some fretwire now


My pace is ace

Fretboard radiusing

Holes in the head

Chopping out a pocket for the heel

Adequate bolting for time being

Proxxon > Dremel, believe in Germany

Clamp the lot, tidy the ends a bit

All together now

Action’s crazy high, will see to that

Pickup shit next


Cool man, that’s a nice looking fingerboard. You still going to paint it?

I like the student offsets more and more as time goes on.

Aye it’s all going dirty porcelain, never been one for the whole beauty of grain thing

Looks a bit like a Jagstang, I dig it! Good job!

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Bit of tweaking happened but deciding on pickup placement is being difficult

Bass side forward = low string is girthier, high string treblier

Treble side forward = more balanced

Cannot fucking decide which I actually like more and is stalling the entire project and I’ve been here for like two weeks now guh

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singing solos or meaty drop-tune power chords

the eternal struggle