i think electro swing is a pretty cool genre but it’s hard to find people who dance to it who aren’t fedora-types. anyway, here is a video.

post dance videos or talk about dancing in here if you feel like it

dance culture is a weird and uncomfortable thing to me but i am curious about it anyway


Dance music is like 3/4 of my whole life and I still find actually dancing without chemical encouragement really awkward

Still really fun though

I will post a bunch of footwork battle videos when I get home, that shit is nuts


we’ve all seen those though come on

i dance drugless but not often any more


yeah same

tbh I find most ‘dance’ music to be kind of undanceable, when it’s just like straight 4-to-floor beats


when i’m alone listening to music i have the impression i know how to dance in a way that isn’t embarassing but i’m not really enthusiastic about testing this theory in front of others.

i love seeing videos of people dancing to perfume’s songs. they are the best.

there are so many great groups that go to the dance contests realized by perfume to perform through their songs in different ways, it’s nuts.


I don’t drink nor do I partake in recreational chemicals so all the dancing I do is sober

having participated in many an EDM event in the past I can safely say that I’m totally over shuffling, unfortunately. but that’s probably my exhaustion with EDM in general more than it is anything to do with shuffling itself so basically I’m an old man ahhh

nowadays when I go to clubs I’ve found that I like seeing what I can do when I keep my knees really close together. mostly I do weird things with my shoulders and kind of tap out whatever beat is happening with my foot at the same time, but I think I do that because there is not that much space in a packed club to move around really

I want venues to get way more experimental as far as how they present the performer to the audience! right now so much of the emphasis in clubs (in America (in California)) is on the DJ, which creates a weird rockstar dynamic that really screws with how people dance. everyone in the audience has a strange obligation to face the DJ at all times, which orients a space in such an awkward manner that it prevents a lot of actual dancing from happening! the most fun I’ve had dancing to music in public has always been when the performer is treated as part of a relationship as opposed to The Reason You’re There. a lot of this has to do with the performer, obviously, but I think venue design is super overlooked when thinking about how to make people DANCE

edit: I said a version of that last paragraph on twitter and one of my friends reminded me that it’s a long way off – your average sound guy gets confused to incapacitation when you ask if you can have your setup on the floor and not the stage


Never comfortable dancing in spaces/at times when dancing is expected/appropriate.

Prone to fits of “dance”* when it’s as awkward and inappropriate as possible, or as punctuation to especially tedious/awkward conversation.

Lately this has happened a lot on the factory floor at work.

*this huge fat shrugbody spasming like a whale on a beach trying to convince human persons to stop trying to roll it back into the sea


post them anyway


As far as electro swing I really really like Caravan Palace (I guess they’re like the pop music epitome of the whole electro swing thing? idk):

As far as dance in general I like Skinny Puppy as well, but also Meat Beat Manifesto

as well as My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult

I’ll dance when I go to shows, usually poorly and while drunk or high, but I haven’t been to a show in ages.

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Also I just remembered a friend of mine from high school is in a dance crew with his brothers:


Dancing is probably the thing which for me obtains the highest ratio of enjoyment to not knowing fuck all about it in any academic or systemic way.

Obligatory WORLD ORDER

These guys are some of my favorite people on the planet.

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