cyber-snake vixens of cydonia: terror from the deep: rising sea levels HD remaster


that is a really buff Johnny Number Five






I hope they are adding new enemies because otherwise I’m not sure why I’d want to continue playing the game.


New enemies would reeeeeally be a nice thing to add to this game. I’m not sure why they haven’t done it yet.


I don’t really like XCom’s DLC model where each expansion just makes the game longer and longer. The base games are on the verge of being too long to begin with. I’d like the DLCs to remove stuff as well as add. E.g. Enemy Within would’ve been way better if it replaced the base assault with the base defense.


Been giving the XCom 2 OST a listen through while work is fucking crushing me into a fine mist. It’s very hit or miss. The good tracks are fucking excellent: (well, after the first 40 seconds are done)

The others, forgettable.

I feel like this game has a lot fewer memorable tracks than XCom 1, particularly when it comes to combat, but man, when they get it right, it’s different and cool.

I absolutely adore how every combat track has an XCom version, and an alien version, and it switches between the two as you shift between sides during turns. Never breaks the track while giving each side its own theme.

Alien turn:

XCom turn:

Both combined:

Has that ever been done before, to anyone’s knowledge? I know they’ve had music cut in and out when combat begins in stuff like Homeworld or Skyrim, but have they ever done what XCom 2 does, where it’s the same track playing, unbroken, shifting between subtle variants?


Games dynamically changing the way a song plays depending on what is happening is something that’s been around for a while…that’s what LucasArts’ iMUSE was mainly about, and for reasons I can’t recall, it often shows up in N64 games (Toad Town in Paper Mario being a notable example). But I don’t think I’ve ever seen it used to accentuate different sides in a strategy game.


yoshi music tweak in super mario world comes to mind first



Runnin’ and gunnin’ to HELL

I made a rook look exactly like X-Com Guy, expecting him to be offed within the first few missions, but he just didn’t. Die.

He eventually became the beloved team redshirt a la Guy from Galaxy Quest or 21 from Venture Bros. At this point in the game he’s by far my best sniper.

Here’s him dragging the bodies of his teammates to safety while everything goes to shit, action hero-style.

Also: For all the occasional jankiness, this game looks pretty consistently cinematic, in a really cool way:


Ugh i bought a new graphics card at the beginning of this year and it’s nowhere near good enough to run this with acceptable settings

Gonna have to wait another year or something i guess :neutral_face:




they keep just going more maximalist in this one

2 was ultimately an OK game I’m just not sure there’s much left for them to do with the fundamental design


I absolutely adore 2, but yeah, I’m not looking for more of the same at this point. Was hoping for more than just new enemies and new units.


Finally got War of the Chosen, now that it finally went on sale. It is excellent. Definitely the best expansion by leagues.

The Chosen themselves can be kinda frustrating, what with their ability to cloak, run across the map, decloak, stun your guy, cloak, and run an insane distance away, leaving me to try and awkwardly chase to do some damage. Ugh.

That said, the actual battle and appearance during a mission adds a whole level of panic and intensity I think I love. It’s cool to have a boss fight WITHIN a run-of-the-mill UFO clearing.

A friend of mine also bought me Alien Hunters, which I’ve avoided getting because I heard it sucked, and yep, it really sucks. I wouldn’t say it’s ruining my campaign so far, but it fucking sucks running into these boss aliens ON TOP of the Chosen. Especially when you are required to do 20 damage to them in a turn to stop them from just wormhole-ing away.




This new build looks really, really interesting!


weirdly I would say alien hunters was one of the only parts of 2 I really liked and which didn’t feel like they were overburdening their already RNG-heavy engine from the first one

Making you figure out exactly how much damage you can do in a given turn and creating absolutely torturous scenarios for barely kiting a big boss was actually great imo

By comparison the zombie units in chosen felt like busywork