cyber-snake vixens of cydonia: terror from the deep: rising sea levels HD remaster


[quote=“Gate88, post:40, topic:822, full:true”]What language doesn’t have a Date class in the standard library that would already do this for you?



The starting swords are hilariously anachronistic but it’s okay because I have lightsabers now


is it just my pirated copy or does this game run like shit


would this run well on the current macbook air or do i wait until the end of the year for the ps4 ‘enhanced edition’ or whatever they’re going to call it


given the aforementioned dx translation layer they’re currently using for the non-windows builds I think you’d be pushing it on Intel graphics until they do another optimization pass

Which is dumb, because this game really ought to work on intel


one thing that is blessedly well optimized is save scumming, it takes maybe 10s to reload


savescumming is a new-xcom tradition and probably considered part of the intended way of playing


My favoured old X-COM tactic of selling alien tech and bodies on the black market and leveling absolutely everything around me before advancing my troops was no longer viable in the new one and I could have cried.


apparently it’s also a bug in the original windows version that it leaks cache like crazy and performs way worse after an hour, I assumed that was the linux wrapper, but nope



So it’s okay if I buy this now and don’t get around to it until the next patch

GMG keeps throwing me coupons for this


I’m not too far in, but I’m enjoying this game. I didn’t play too much of the first one, so it’s not obvious too me how much has changed. The sword stuff is fun; I mean it’s essentially just run & gun from the first game, but it’s more satisfying.

If I can’t fit the square where I’m moving to and the enemy on the screen at the same time, should I just assume I can’t shoot them from there? I wish it would draw a line or something to all the enemies I can shoot before I move there. It’s silly I have to fight with the camera to figure it out.


I think I’m pretty far into this, I put a substantial chunk of today and yesterday into it. It still feels a little too easy on veteran if you’re willing to savescum lazy/dumb moves (though they definitely learned attrition lessons from long war, very few of my guys have died but I’ve needed at least three of every class to field a squad between recovery times) and it’s still pretty impressively poorly optimized, but they made good on fixing EU weaknesses; the battles feel more open-ended and you can’t be too conservative. Geoscape is pretty gentle though; I haven’t had to forego any missions, though having to use my B- and C-team is a mild disaster.

I’ll probably finish a first campaign within the week and this will be nice to return to once it’s heavily modded and in better shape


Ok well, I ended up getting this (and the steam controller because I have no self control whoops), but I had not read anything pre-release and I did not realize that the character creation is this much.

I’m still gonna do a SB member run, but I’ll probably have to make a thread for character requests, but if anyone has themselves and wants to get in on this, throw me your character files.


You’ll all die because I don’t savescum btw


Game can be too much of a slog to not savescum at least a tiny bit imo


Sounds like someone doesn’t want to die!


this occurred to me when I was playing the first new-xcom but it seems even more salient here: This is actually balanced/paced a lot like a matsuno game, in terms of how many options your characters have available to them and how long enemies typically take to kill and when a good offense is the best defense, among other things. It’s funny because the more thematically similar strategy titles – unsung story, massive chalice, banner saga – haven’t really panned out, but I think firaxis must have some FFT / tactics ogre fans on staff. which is nice because turn based strategy seems to be one of those genres where people who know western titles well don’t really know Japanese titles and vice versa.


the narrative here is actually well done, too, after being a tad overbearing at the start. Really nice balance of scripted missions in the mid-game.


This game really stresses me out. I get so attached my little dudes. Maybe I shouldn’t have given them pretty guns.

I felt a lot better in the old X-Coms where I could send rookies out to scout, and not have to worry about my officers getting ambushed. In this game, you basically have to put all your guys in harm’s way cause you get so few on a mission. But I do find the moment-to-moment stuff very satisfying when it works out like I planned.

This game is emotionally exhausting and I basically take a break after every mission.