cyber-snake vixens of cydonia: terror from the deep: rising sea levels HD remaster


Rock Paper Shotgun fucking loves XCom 2:

Goddddd why can’t it be two days from now already


Same Beagle, above, is now posting his first playthrough of the full version of the game. It looks fantastic so far.


you fuckers replaced my amazing-ass xcom 2 thread with this shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttdskajglsdfkgjs


apologies; I have amended the thread title. didn’t remember your thread when I made mine last week but hopefully this is a satisfactory merger


I’ll take it~

Haven’t been this psyched up for a vidcon in forever. Having just been laid off along with 10% of my company, I’m looking forward to drowning my sorrows in snakeblood a s a p


According to , although there are still four difficulty levels, the second-easiest (now called “Veteran”) is harder than “Normal” was.


I killed a sectoid with a sword

This Linux port is incredibly borderline, really obvious they’re using some kind of proprietary and slightly worse wine to translate all the draw calls in real time, whee

Intro is a bit overcooked but so far so good


I’m downloading this tonight on my slow-ass internet and likely playing tomorrow. I should go to bed!


right, so, this game starts you off pretty darn slow and narrative-heavy if you don’t untick the “beginner” boxes; this may well be the sequel to the remake that makes it more than just an homage, but it does make new-xcom-1 seem much more tastefully modest in its presentation.

Did I mention that this Linux port is in really rough shape, which is understandable given that they somehow got a Linux build out for day 1, but still, really rough?

Anyhow. It’s probably great. Needs to open up a lot more though. Even the base building stuff feels like it’s more on-rails rather than less.



What difficulty are you playing on?


“veteran,” the new “normal”


I just got the retail version in the mail. Lenticular holograms are the best. Just goes hand-in-hand with aliens.

Unfortunately I have no disc drive to put the four DVDs into, so I’m downloading it from Steam at 3 MB/s. :coffee:


vaguely wishing I’d started on classic rather than veteran. getting better though!


i’m as of now resisting the urge to pirate this game until i can legit buy it on my next paycheck, but all i really want to know is how the multiplayer fares - the single-player, even if initially somewhat weak, should improve immensely with the imminent advent of myriad mods

e: honestly, it’s looking good from this. looks like another significant upgrade from EW


well, I hacked a bunch of config files and now the linux version doesn’t hang when it loses focus and properly uses up to four threads. great out of the box configuration there!

bit bummed that so many porting companies are shipping terrible sub-wine realtime translation layers (this is UE3, which has a native Linux and OSX build target even! unless firaxis’ fork only supports HLSL or something) and they’re the best available option because open source wine still doesn’t support dx11

I think the same company actually did the OSX/Linux builds of the last one and those were native, but I guess it had already come out for PS3 and iOS at that point too so … maybe this is just a stopgap before this one becomes more portable? if they just wanted something that works-ish with the codebase they had at release?

they fucked up the UI scaling too, it’s not that legible below 1080p and I don’t want to give it that much screen real estate, running a 900p window as a compromise.


couldn’t find my just-past-noon autosave until I realized the game had logged it as “12:02 AM” and put it at the bottom of the list

maybe they needed that delay after all


That exact bug was mentioned in some review I read. They said “it kept jumbling my saves around”.


it’s just bizarre because how are you not using some kind of middleware or other library that reminds you that no, 12 PM is noon and 12 AM is midnight, not the other way around


Yeah, it’s pretty hilarious. Although dealing with some of the people I do at work, I think I know exactly how that happens.

One of our iPad developers (he’s since left) had a lot of interesting code; one day I discovered he had implemented his own binary search to traverse the slides in our app (it, uh, had multiple crashing bugs; guess he didn’t want to test ANY of the corner cases).

Also, one project had a bug that was contained somewhere in an insane 300 line block of code that he wrote. After staring at it for hours and finally working out what I thought it was supposed to do, I deleted it all and replaced it with 4 lines. No one logged a bug with that feature after my fix, so I guess it didn’t lose any functionality!

EDIT:[quote=“Felix, post:39, topic:822, full:true”]
it’s just bizarre because how are you not using some kind of middleware or other library that reminds you that no, 12 PM is noon and 12 AM is midnight, not the other way around
This gets funnier the more I think about it. What language doesn’t have a Date class in the standard library that would already do this for you? Like, how did the person implementing this think “hmm, which one is midnight?” and then not immediately go “there has to be a better way”.