Counterfeit Content - Culture jamming my old SEO job

i’ve been reading these to a friend and they’re still so good


Imagine if the past hundreds of generations of your species were selectively inbred by an alien intelligence for unknowable reasons, until your very body betrayed you in the most humiliating and disgusting ways! This is why I love pugs.

i think about this line all the time and it still makes me laugh


this is the funniest possible background for a situationist film maker


Hah! This is a great point. I hadn’t even thought about the fact that I was pretty much doing détournement at that time. Thanks for making the connection.

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I’m skeptical of every registered user who hasn’t blood potioned the op tbh



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not you obviously

i think it’s important to be a little skeptical of cuba

y’know, keep him honest


This is the first time I’ve seen this. I’m glad haley revived the thread because I missed out.

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I feel like OSB is actually the scholar I imagined myself to be when I was in college


This may have been when I was still resistant to blood potioning. Before the weight of the blood I had received weighed heavy on my conscience, and I began to participate actively in the Blood Economy.

To give blood now, all these years later, would be an attempt to rewrite history. To deny that part of myself which was an awful, @Father.Torque -esque stick-in-the-mud re: spraying the blood, bathing in the blood, loving the blood and the message + fellowship that is spread by the blood.

This is a good thread, and the content itt is powerful work. Thank you for sharing, osb, but I cannot pretend that when it was posted my blood was not thin. I pray you will accept my apologies. :pray:

Yours in blood dispersal,


I watched the low-budget horror comedy Don’t Let the Riverbeast Get You! the other day, and it’s written in a style that is remarkably similar to these Counterfeit Content blog posts. Feels weird to compare my work to someone else’s in this way, but if you like this stuff then you might like that movie.

Like, the main character is a tutor, and people see him and say to themselves, “there goes the greatest tutor this town has ever seen!” There’s a lot of subtle worldbuilding about how the town has a Ministry of Tutors that he has to send a special assignment request to. There’s a famous big game hunter named Ito Hootkins who’s supposed to catch a monster, but spends the whole movie wasting time in the woods photographing the “Picnic Babes”, a pair of women who are just ALWAYS there hanging out through the entire movie. It’s great, just completely, knowingly stupid in the best way.


God I hope I remember this movie in the morn.

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@OneSecondBefore could you replace the broken images in the OP?

Sure thing, they’re fixed now!


i thought ‘absurdist joke about large dentists accompanied by a photo of a guy that looks like jeff foxworthy’ was too specific for multiple people to arrive at independently but maybe not


Wow! That is wild to see someone else’s take on this important social issue.